Great Management Software for Contractors and the Service Industry! - Part 3 of 3

 Nabeela Hussain
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So, who else should get software to run their company?

Welcome to part 3 of 3 of Great Management Software for contractors and the Service industry. You can catch up part 1 and part 2 on these links if you haven’t read those yet, worth a check as your business of interest could’ve been listed.

We will look at four more very busy and very popular services and how they can be improved through better management. You could hire more people to do a job or you can step into the future and get a computer to do it for you. Running a business can be stressful and I think going with part two.


During wedding and party season, bookings can be off the hook. Make the most out of them by managing them better.

Under this category, you could be a stylist, hairdresser or even a makeup artist. Through TutorCruncher you can manage all your bookings, take deposits, payments and keep a record of all your clients. Measure what treatments or packages to know what your moneymaker is. Using analytics you can prepare a better future by paving the best direction to go in to increase your growth. When you see what sales are most popular, you can send out newsletters to update clients of all new offers.

Often it can be hard to find a trustworthy hairdresser or makeup artists. Wouldn’t it be cool if people could individual rate them and see who they would like to book with depending on their star rating? You can do this with TutorCruncher. It is a perfect asset to your website to be able to display that live feed of ratings through sockets.

As an agency you could set it up so that other stylists and artists can list their services with you and then clients can book through the system. With little effort, you take your percentage cut. There are so many freelance stylists out there, all looking to get contracts. If you break into the celebrity world, they always need ongoing beauty services. A single contract could make you thousands!

Massage specialists

Make booking a massage and paying the bill easy with TutorCruncher!

There was this occasion in the past year, where I really overdid it with the exercise after partaking in multiple sports that resulted in my muscles needing some serious tlc. I thought about maybe going to a spa or just finding a masseuse on google as my initial thoughts. While browsing I found there were quite a lot of companies on there doing bookings through their sites for massages.

This is great because it makes it so much easier for the customer. They know what they are getting it, when they are getting it and how much it is going to cost. It is great for long term customers who would like to book in for packages or treatment, as you can invoice them and take direct debits through the system so they do not need to make manual payments every time for their session.

Many people may show an interest in your services and you can manage leads through the enquiry form generations, where you can take the contact details to nurture those leads into potential clients through email marketing.

Personal trainers and Instructors

The gym is for everybody and so is TutorCruncher, make those crunches count with better management

Recently I have joined a local gym and a few personal trainers approached me with their services by handing out a contact card. This is a nice way to remember them and look them up. The only thing was that there was nowhere to look them up, it was just an email address and a phone number to get in touch. Looks like they hand this out and try to pick up whatever newcomer that joins the gym they train at.

Prior to joining the gym, I did my research and tried to look into the benefits of a trainer and if I should need one. Being new, it is recommended to have a few sessions to get you motivated and learn all the correct ways of working out. It would be great to be able to look up Trainers online on a company site and book their services through there. Rather then this confused state where they all have different methods of operating and you become quite unsure who to go with and in my case I ended up going solo

It would be good to have a client base online and a booking system that allows you to manage and create a steady cash flow. At the same time you are making yourself available to many more potential customers. Even if you have opened up your new gym and have a selection of trainers. It feels so imperative to have a management system to help you keep everything neat, tidy and all in one place. It’s like taking your office wherever you go.

Same goes for football, basketball, boxing, golf, badminton, tennis, squash or any other sport ‘’Trainers’’. People booking in for these lessons is just the same as a tutoring service and well, this is exactly why TutorCruncher was built. Take a look at our features page to see just how many would apply and be useful in this to this type of business model

Pet Groomers and Vets

Make your service profreshional and give your customers a smoother experience

Most veterinary practices and pet groomers are likely have a website. Why shouldn’t someone be able to sign up or book online? A pet is around for many years and this is the type of service you would want on the regular or want to be registered to, similar to a GP practice. It’s so useful to be able to do this online and get your pet booked in. Take payments with ease, send broadcasts with important information out to clients.

Not just the case of being online but even managing hundreds of bookings every month, doing all the accounting and client management, is not easy with just a google account. On TutorCruncher, you can keep on top of all your tasks, your employees, your reports. It makes things so much easier for you.


Do you see how the system is perfect for almost any service sector? As long as you are offering a service to people you can use TutorCruncher to manage it. Make your life easier, make your information more secure and access it all from anywhere in the world. You have all the control, just less of the hassle of administration.

Give the free trial a go, you don’t have anything to lose but there is so much you could achieve.

We build business management software for tutoring companies. Whether you are a small team or an established company, we can help you give your clients a 5-star service while spending less time on administration.