Growing your Tutoring Business Fast: in 3 Easy Steps

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 Nabeela Hussain
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How can I grow my tutoring business?

Growing your tutoring business is simpler than you’d imagine. But don’t take that for it being easy. All successful businesses require a lot of hard work and motivated players. If you complete these three things successfully, you could very well be ahead of the game.

Knowledge is power and knowing what changes would be constructive is a part of the process to gain control of your company’s future!

I will cover the main three bases of your online presence and it will allow you to see in ways you could improve what you are doing to represent yourself professionally and how to present your tutoring services more proficiently that will directly reflect in your growth.

No growing pains, the lucky thing about the internet is that it makes a lot of work easier for us. You might even find this an enjoyable experience learning and implementing your new set of online marketing skills. Time to get creative!

Here are the three major things you should do..

1. Create a Blog and post weekly!

Creating blog posts can be really fun and encourage you to develop your communication and research skills.
Creating blog posts can be really fun and encourage you to develop your communication and research skills.

If you’re familiar with SEO then you can know that a blog will create an unlimited amount of words to get your search ratings way up there. It’s also a great opportunity to talk about your services and the knowledge of the industry. Show off a little and let people see what you can do. Talk about your achievements, top tips on tutoring, recent updates and maybe a newsletter to show what you’re up to and what’s to come

Google keywords search tracks the most popular words across the web, for the most relevance. It’s how we find anything we are looking for. Make sure that each of your posts include keywords for tutoring and you’ll sure to be spotted in the google search.

Some of the example words and phrases that would be recommended:

  • Tutoring/teaching
  • Online tuition/face to face tuition
  • One to one learning/group lessons
  • Tutors/teachers
  • Students/pupils/children
  • Online school
  • Study online/book lessons
  • Mentoring/coaching
  • Tutoring company
  • Key learning skills
  • Subjects/topics
  • Maths, English, Science etc
  • GCSE’s
  • A Levels
  • Revision/learning guide
  • Curriculum/syllabus
  • Tutoring centre
  • Tutoring business
  • Matching tutors/matching students
  • Experienced
  • Higher level tutor
  • Academic
  • Education/school/university
  • Primary and secondary
  • Private tutor/tuition

Rinse these words in all of what you write and it will be hard not to be spotted. Try adding questions people may be googling in to your posts as headings and titles. They have a heavier weight and you are more likely to be pulled up in the search to answer that question.


  • What to look for in a tutoring company
  • Cheapest tutors in (certain location)
  • Benefits of hiring a tutor
  • Comparing tutoring services
  • How much is a tutor?
  • How to become a tutor
  • Hire a Maths tutor, become an English tutor, Science tutor are available etc

Once you have you blog all set up, you can even get other people to contribute to it through guest posts and maybe you will share a post on their blog. It will all build your SEO game by pushing more and more content out on the web relating to your business. You’ll see we often post case studies and guest post on our TutorCruncher blog. It’s the way to go!

2. Build an Optimised Site

Search Engine Optimisation!
Search Engine Optimisation!

It is very important that your site is optimised or google will simply discard and leave it at the bottom of the pile. What you are looking for is the first page spot.

Secondly, say Google suggests you to a potential client, if the site isn’t optimised fully, they are 89% likely to bounce right off and deem it less trustworthy and professional. By this I mean it should be auto rescaled for the device the user is on, easy navigation to direct them to what they are looking for and to have a clear, clean design.

If people are going to spend hundreds of their hard earned money to enable their child to have a better future, you must really sell that you can do this job well. That if they choose you, they will see their child succeed. We all make initial judgments on appearances even if you think you might not.

Number one, you need to be easy to access on any device, be it a mobile, tablet or a computer. Number two, you should make it as modern, informative and easy to follow as possible so that the client knows exactly who and what you are. When you go on a site looking for a service you want to see that they are competent in creating results. Show that, by making it a modern website. It is worth getting a template or paying a bit extra to a developer to make the site play its part, the best possible way.

3. Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for your tutoring business!

Measure your return of investment and growth.
Measure your return of investment and growth.

If you haven’t already, get your site connected on google analytics; it will be a big help in managing your digital marketing and the Google keyword search. You can see all the clicks on your pages, where they are coming from, how long they are staying there and measure your growth. It will pinpoint exactly what is working and what is not.

Get yourself on social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and maybe even Youtube. If you are already on there, then post weekly and make it direct. It’s free advertising and you should be lapping it all up. You have full access to the world in your fingertips. Follow tutoring groups, learning pages, other educators and competitors. Networking will boost your online presence and further strengthen your appearance.

Spread the word about who you are, what you do and who you can help. Everyone is one one of these social media platforms and this way you cover all areas. It is also one of the best places to market you business online, as you would have seen posts and stories are great at grabbing attention as they are planted unsuspectedly alongside content the user is interested in.

Create a budget for your monthly marketing spend and get that invested in google ad clicks and social media adverts. Ever seen an ad follow you around a few pages from something you were checking out or interested in? Be that ad! Be persistent and in the end if someone signs up to you, it will have pretty much been premeditated from your online advertising campaign once they do. Best of all this leaves a trail, allowing you can easily calculate the return of investment. See where most of your clients of hanging out and push more and more in that direction.

Get Results

Bachelor in Paradise gif.
Bachelor in Paradise gif.

Your online presence needs to be strong and effective; this is what will really make you grow in today’s tutoring market.

Yes you are a business owner, but you are also a consumer of many other products and services too. You know exactly what it is like when you look to acquire something, no doubt your first point of action is to google it, then judge the page you land on.

More often than not it is likely you will not go on to the second or third page of the search. If it is not on the first page, you may try googling a different phrase. It’s just the way it is. Look at your own patterns and with that you can get inside the head of your target consumer.

The more people that know about you and are easily able to find you, the more you will grow. These three steps will get customers knocking on your door.

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