Lesson Reminders

What are lesson reminders?

You can set up lesson reminders to send to users before a lesson starts. You can choose which jobs they apply to, who to send the reminder to, and how far before the lesson you wish the reminder to send.

How to use Lesson Reminders

Lesson reminders allow you to do exactly that, send reminders before a lesson takes place.

Step by step process

To set up lesson reminders, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Communications > Lesson Reminders and click 'Add Reminder'.
  2. Choose a name, and which label it applies to. Only jobs with these labels applied to them will have reminders enabled. If you select no label, then the reminders are enabled for every job.
Set up lesson reminders for your users.
  1. Choose who you wish to receive the lesson reminders. If you choose Tutor, Client or Student then those users that are on the job will receive a reminder. If you choose Admin, then the client's Client Manager will also receive a reminder.
  2. The email reminder is sent using the Email Definition for Lesson reminder, which you can personalise.

More information

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