How to Keep Your Tutoring Business Busy Over the Summer

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According to a 2013 private tutoring survey that was published in the Independent, 1 in 4 school children receive private tutoring over the holidays to keep their minds active . Although summer may not always be the busiest time of year for tutoring businesses, there are a number of things you can do to ensure you stay busy.

Offer Summer Revision Classes

How to Keep Your Tutoring Business Busy Over the Summer

Over the summer, many students experience what is known as the 'summer slide', whereby they return to school having had six weeks off and find that they're not as sharp as before they left. By offering summer revision classes, you can help students stay on top of their game and return to school with increased levels of confidence.

For GCSE and A Level students who have exam resits in November, the summer holidays can provide a good opportunity to identify where they went wrong and what they need to improve. If your tutoring business offers this support over the summer, you could find your business just as busy as other times of the year.

Run Special Offers and Promotions

A great way to encourage students to use your services is to offer summer discounts on group classes. By lowering your rates slightly, you'll encourage existing students to continue taking classes and attract new students who haven't used your services before.

You could also offer promotions on some skills-based classes like reading and writing. During term time, students tend to want to focus on core subjects, but over the summer, with no school classes, you can give them the chance to brush up on some essential skills that will ultimately help them over all their subjects.

Teach English as a Foreign Language

There's a huge demand for teaching English as a Foreign Language over the summer, particularly from overseas university students. Most university term times begin around September and many foreign students arrive in the UK during the summer. A lot of foreign students take English lessons before the start of term time in order to give them a head start when their course begins.

Diversify your Offerings

As a tutoring agency, the summer months can provide a good opportunity to experiment in offering different subjects. Why not diversify the subjects that you offer and introduce some niche classes that students won't find anywhere else.

Subjects like Business Management and Accounting and Finance aren't always on offer at tutoring centres so when classes do become available they normally prove to be popular.

Teach Parents to Teach their Kids

Home educating is becoming more and more popular in the UK and many parents are taking a more hands-on approach to their children's education.

Over the summer months, many parents are keen for their children to keep up to date with their studies without denying them a proper summer holiday.

A happy medium could be for parents to provide a few hours of schooling every week to avoid the summer slide and what better way for parents to learn how to do so than from classes at their local tutoring centre?

How do you ensure your tutoring business keeps ticking over in the summer months? Have you found any of the ideas above to be partially effective? Please share your experiences below.

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