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The history of TutorCruncher is a history of tutoring, specifically when one tutoring company had a busier than expected launch. You might think that’s a good problem to have, which is partly true. The issue was that higher-than-expected volumes and turnovers led to a administrative nightmare along with cries of: “there must be a better way!”.

Leave the world of paper and spreadsheets behind you! (Credit - freepik)
Leave the world of paper and spreadsheets behind you! (Credit - freepik)

This was the situation in which Bright Young Things found itself in 2007, as invoices were being laboriously written by hand; client details were being stored across a myriad of spreadsheets; schedules were being managed on a chaotic Google Calendar (to mention just a couple of admin highlights). Finding a sustainable and sophisticated platform to support the growth of the business became a priority.

This search didn’t yield effective results. Other options on the market, despite appealing setups, did not seem to have the needs of a growing company in mind. There were also problems in the way they handled tax setups and the idea of working with independent contractors. Therefore, a decision was made to build a system which would address the current needs of tutoring businesses but also be sensitive to future growth opportunities. The result of this decision was TutorCruncher.

And the rest is history!

The TutorCruncher you are looking at today is what we call TC2. In our continued development and improvement of the system, we rebuilt TutorCruncher in 2013/14 from the ground up, having learned the lessons of the previous version(s) of the system. What has not changed is our proximity to the tutoring industry and our goals of addressing the needs of the modern tutoring business. Every aspect of the system’s current and future design is geared towards both making sure tutoring companies spend less time on admin as they scale up their operations and allowing these businesses to provide their clients a sophisticated service.

We now work with over 250 companies around the world, and we’re growing every day as you can see on our homepage metrics.

Over time, we have begin to work with different models of tutoring business. We work with in-home private tutors, sole traders, tutoring centres, online tutoring companies, and many more. If you'd like to find out whether your company could work with us, then get in touch today!

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