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 Sam Jenkins
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We’ve written before on the importance of reviews and ratings. This played a big part in our development and implementation of the ability for tutors to be reviewed by clients on TutorCruncher. It is, of course, important to practice what you preach which is why we also collect reviews and testimonials from companies using us.

You might notice that if you google TutorCruncher, you may well come across something like this in Google:

This structured data adds an extra bit of gloss to search results

The reason for this is that in our website’s structured data, we are able to set up certain pages to include a rating based on a number of reviews. One might suggest, somewhat cynically, that we have pulled a number out of thin air and splashed 5 stars next to it. However, the honest souls at TutorCruncher are above such shenanigans!

This comes from data we have aggregated across the following review platforms: * Capterra * Trustpilot * Facebook * Google

Taking the mean rating of each of the review platforms (and accounting for the fact that Trustpilot scores out of 10 whereas all of the others score out of 5), we get an average rating of 4.92/5 based on 115 reviews.

Note that this data is accurate as of June 2018.

The reviews we have manually added to our structured data are designed to reflect this fact. If you were to search for TutorCruncher generally, you may well come across specific instances where Google pulls through and displays ratings from recognised review sites:

We rank #1 on Capterra for tutoring management software
Check out all of our positive feedback on TrustPilot
If you have not already, like us on Facebook
Feel free to leave us a review on Google

And of course, the reviews on Google’s dedicated reviews tool display prominently on our company’s profile:

If you search for the best tutoring management software, this is what we want you to see!

This is part of the ever-evolving world of SEO, so take a look at some of the rest of our blogs on good SEO practice for your company. As always, we'd love to hear your feedback.

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