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Updated  Paula Antalffy

One of the new projects our dev team have recently been working on has been improving the user interface of TutorCruncher. The first area which has been upgraded is the client/tutor/student profile list. We have made a number of important improvements, which we think will help you use TutorCruncher more efficiently and smoothly.

Here are a list of some of the improvement we have made to the client, tutor and student overview pages.

An Easier Overview

One of the key areas we have decided to focus on improving within the TutorCruncher user interface, is overview ability. The new profile list will give you the ability to view and search through key pieces of information better than before.

Checking important information is now much more simple. The improved profile list allows you to get a great overview of your main custom fields as well as key bits of information such as a user’s email address, phone number and address.

Want to make sure all of your active tutors have completed their background check? Have a student looking for female tutors specifically? The improved interface allows you to view all of these information quicker. This means you don’t have to comb through irrelevant information, and can find anything you are looking for by just scrolling through your tutors, clients and students.

The easily digestible tutor, client and student list also creates a more professional looking interface for you and all your end users. This means your business will now look even more sleek with TutorCruncher.

Improved TutorCruncher Profile List

Unmissable Labels

Another key area the TutorCruncher team have improved is the labels. With the upgraded profile list you can be sure that you will never miss a label again. All the labels you apply to a users profile will now show in the right hand corner. This way you can now compare and contrast the labels on each of your clients faster.

Improved TutorCruncher Profile List

View More on One Page

Other than being more easily navigable and intuitive, the new profile list is also smaller. This means you can view more users on one page at a time. This is especially great if you are working on a smaller screen or a mobile phone.

The new TutorCruncher profile list allows all users on all devices to get more out of their tutor, client and student profile overviews.

Improved TutorCruncher Profile List

A Faster System

Other than the visual changes made to the list there is also a big improvement behind the scenes. The new role lists will mean that these pages load much faster within TutorCruncher. So not only will you be able to find the information you need more easily, that information will also load much quicker than it did before.

This means regardless of the speed of your internet connection, you will be able to view your user lists faster.

Have any other suggestions for what we should be improving?

As always we want to hear your suggestions and feedback. If you have any questions or comments about the new TutorCruncher list view, or about any other aspect of the TutorCruncher system, we want to know! You can get in touch via email at, via our in-app chat or via the Support tab within your TutorCruncher account.

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