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 Sam Jenkins

At TutorCruncher, our goal is making running a tutoring company as easy and as profitable as possible. As part of that quest, we are delighted to announce our newest feature: TC bot. Development of this revolutionary new service has been a closely guarded secret, but now we are ready to share this with the world and show you what TC bot is all about.

Please note this is an artist’s representation of TC bot v2.0
Please note this is an artist’s representation of TC bot v2.0

What is TC bot?

TC bot is to tutors what driverless cars are to taxi drivers. It will transform tutoring agencies’ services thanks to its cutting-edge artificial intelligence by allowing you to totally replace your tutoring staff with a fleet of automated robot tutors. They have a range of personality settings, a wealth of subject knowledge, and are above all just great at tutoring.

TC bot: putting the Turing into TuTuring
TC bot: putting the Turing into TuTuring

The benefits to using TC bot don’t stop there.

  • Tired of reminding tutors to log their hours? TC bot does so accurately and automatically.

  • Fed up with paying your tutors? TC bot works for free, simply change its batteries regularly.

  • Worried about tutors stealing your clients? TC bot is obedient and trustworthy.

TC bot does everything your tutors currently do and more. Automation in education is becoming commonplace; multiple choice exams are already marked by machine. TC bot takes this kind of automation to a whole new level. Using the latest in drone technology to deliver the bot to the home, a fleet of TC bots will be able to provide for all of your in-home tutoring needs. It is designed to be the perfect balance between a humanoid, recognisable structure and the optimum tutoring machine.

It is worth noting that v1.0 does not currently have sophisticated knee-bending functionality, and so has great difficulty with stairs.

Another of our TC bots does try its best to climb stairs…
Another of our TC bots does try its best to climb stairs…
…but cannot currently handle staircases.
…but cannot currently handle staircases.

We suggest that until we are able to remedy the issue you advise your clients that in-home tutoring take place on the ground floor.

Give your tutoring personality

There are a couple of other bonus characteristics in the AI of TC bot v1.0, such as the personality settings. After a particularly enthusiastic series of test lessons with a student, TC bot’s AI has integrated with a famous fairy tale so its personality settings refer to those of the Seven Dwarves. In addition, the voice settings are restricted at the moment to actors who have portrayed James Bond.

The personality configuration will become more customisable in a future update, but for now add great charm to TC bot’s tutoring as it imitates a Bashful Sean Connery or a Grumpy Pierce Brosnan.

Plans for version 2.0

We have high hopes for the direction that this will take our services at TutorCruncher. There is almost limitless potential for TC bot to branch out into other service industries using the same design principles, so you can expect TC bot to also be able to give financial advice as part of future development.

We also envisage TC bot v2.0 is to eventually replace the team at TutorCruncher. Or maybe it already has? Have you ever wondered why the online chat is often so quick to respond? Perhaps it was TC bot all along, successfully passing the Turing test…

If you would like to find out more about deploying TC bot for immediate use with your tutoring agency, then just email We would be delighted to hear from you and are keen to get your thoughts on how we can further revolutionise tutoring with TC bot! You should also check out our website to see what else TutorCruncher has to offer. You can start a free trial right away, or tc_link('contact/', 'get in touch')}} with us to find out more about how our services can transform your tutoring company.

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