Is TutorCruncher an attractive employer?

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Since interns are not professionals yet, and usually need a lot of guidance, they are generally unpaid, or they get a small compensation for the labor that they provide. Therefore, you might understand that salary is not as important to an intern as it is to an actual employee. Because of this, besides a great learning experience, an internship also allows students to look further than just what they are being paid. If it isn’t the wage that makes a company attractive as an employer/ internship, what is? And what does a Tutoring Business Management Software company like TutorCruncher do to increase its attractiveness?

What is an attractive employer?

In my opinion, what distinguishes an attractive employer from a non-attractive one isn’t just the salary. According to me, a good employer does not only give you a fair salary, but he also motivates, you to work hard and he needs to make sure that your personal goals are aligned with the company’s goals. I am a very driven and ambitious guy and I am eager to learn, however when I do not get the opportunity to develop myself or am not guided into the right direction (as an intern), I might lose motivation, or it will cause problems in the long run. Not only is this is counterproductive for the employer, but also for me, the intern.

I feel like I’ve learned more in my first few weeks at TutorCruncher then during the last few months at my university. Right from the beginning (and still), I’ve received a lot of guidance from my colleagues but was also thrown in the deep end. I’ve been given a lot of responsibilities and tasks which were completely new for me, but it allows me to develop myself and makes me feel like (even though I am still a student) I still add value to the company. Because TutorCruncher is investing in me, I am doing the best I can to achieve their goals and complete my tasks in the best way possible. Their investment in me made my personal goals aligned with their company goals, and I think that this is what makes an employer attractive.

What does TutorCruncher do to increase its attractiveness as an employer?

As already mentioned in the last paragraph, TutorCruncher invests a lot of time in their new employees. However, since TutorCruncher is still in the Introductory/Startup phase, there really is not much that they can offer in terms of services free public transportation, gym memberships, Et Cetera. However, it doesn’t cost any money to create a positive work environment, so that is what TutorCruncher does offer. There is no dress code or anything, so it gives you a very welcoming and warm feeling when you get into the office. On top of that, we play soccer with the TutorCruncher team every week, and on Friday afternoons we have a delicious pint in one of the amazing pubs in London.

TutorCrunchees care about a positive working environment
TutorCrunchees care about a positive working environment

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