TutorCruncher May 2019 Newsletter

 Niek Diepstraten - TutorCruncher
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Our team has made some exciting changes to TutorCruncher in the month of May. We've worked very hard on a snazzy and helpful new User Guide, and improving TutorCruncher's Automated Emails and Accounting features. Go check them out!

Bigger Changes

New User Guide

We have improved our User Guide to better help you understand TutorCruncher, and how all of our amazing features work.

Stunning, right?

Automatically notify your clients if their payment has failed

Within TutorCruncher, there's a setting that will allow you to automatically charge your clients after an Invoice or Credit Request is sent. This is an amazing and very useful functionality, however, it might happen that your client's payment fails.

We've now created an automated email which will go out to a client when their payment has failed. Besides informing them about the failure, you can also include a link to TutorCruncher,where they can pay for the Invoice/Credit Request.

You can change the body of the email in System > Settings > Email Definitions

Automated Invoice Reminders

If the automatic payment has failed, or if your client simply hasn't paid the Invoice or Credit Request you are able to send him/her an Invoice Reminder to remind them that they still have an unpaid Invoice on their account.

We've added a setting that will allow you to automatically send out these Invoice Reminders after a set number of days. Click here to learn how to set it up.

Job confirmation emails

As you might already know, you are able to send Job Confirmation emails to your Clients/Tutors, but we've changed the way they work. In these emails you can include things like contact details, pay/charge rate, and the time and date of the lessons.

As you can see in the image below, you are able to choose what lesson details you want to include in the Job Confirmation emails.

You can now select lessons that you want to include in the Job Confirmation emails

For more information check out the article for "Job Confirmation emails" in the User Guide

Smaller Changes

Besides all of the bigger changes and bug fixes, we've also made some smaller improvements to our system.

  • We've made the Email Definitions Settings easier to use. Not only have we made the Edit button more clear, but we've also listed the Email Definitions in alphabetical order.

  • When you are editing one of your Credit Requests before raising them, you are able to add items to it. Now, with the new update, you're able to create categories for these Credit Request Items, which will prefill all the fields and save you a lot of time.

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