TutorCruncher November 18 Newsletter

 Fionn Finegan
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An Exciting Month at TC HQ!

All a quiver to hear about the new TutorCruncher updates from the month of November? Look no further, we've got you covered.

November was an exciting month for us here in TutorCruncher, lots of improvements to functionality, focused especially on performance enhancement and making everything run just that little bit smoother.

I could ramble on but we both know what you're here to read, let's dig into this bounty of technological advancement and discuss the changes made to TutorCruncher in the month of November.

Big Things:

New Currency Charges

For us here in TutorCruncher, one of the best parts of our job is watching our clients grow alongside us. Part and parcel of that growth for many of our clients has been growing beyond the boundaries of their home countries and expanding into neighbouring regions, exciting right? It is, but it's not without it's challenges.

Thankfully, those challenges have just become one fewer. TutorCruncher have now enabled setting up Ad Hoc Charges in foreign currencies, enabling our international clients to bill for their services more easily. There's more development to come on this so watch this space. But for the time being, why not have a read about it on our User Guide here?

You can now charge clients in a whole heap of alternate currencies!

TutorCruncher Now Billing in Multiple Currencies

Sometimes we even inspire ourselves here at TutorCruncher, and the above development had us considering; what if we were to bill in multiple currencies, just like our clients can?

That was all it took, a flurry of activity and we here at TutorCruncher began billing in USD and Euro as well as good old GBP.

Now our clients in the US and in the Eurozone can be billed by TutorCruncher directly in their home currencies (no more having to wonder what that funny "£" symbol means)

This will also allow all of our international clients to choose whether their billing will be done in British Pounds, US Dollars or Euro, whichever one will be the most intuitive.

We at TutorCruncher have inspired ourselves to make billing more straightforward for our international users.

The Addition of New API Endpoints

We have now made Tutor Availability accessible through our TutorCruncher API.

This will mean that your friendly neighbourhood webdev can take that information and use it to develop an interface on your front end, opening up more possibilities for how you can use TutorCruncher for intelligent website displays.

Have a look at our Section of the helpsite where we discuss our API Access.

Feeling Technical? You can also Browse the API from your very own TutorCruncher account.

We Moved our Search Function to a Separate Database

Not all updates are bright and flashy.

Separating the database for the search function is one of those changes that goes on bravely in the background, making your toolbar searches faster, more efficient and more reliable.

Quicker Invoice Generation

Time is money, and nobody wants to be waiting longer than they have to for their invoices to generate.

This recent update speeds up that whole process, leaving more time for you to get down to business.

Universal Password Reset

We all have a lot of passwords to juggle, and sometimes we can understandably draw a blank.

We already had the TutorCruncher Password Reset on individual accounts login page, but to make it even easier to get into TC when you need to, we've now added a Universal Password Reset on the TutorCruncher Universal Login Page.

Now any TC user can reset their password, regardless of their chosen login method.

Little Things:

We listed all the big changes, but there have been plenty of smaller changes in order to make your lives easier, here's a shortlist of some of our personal favourites:

  • The Total Lesson Hours Taught by a specified tutor are now shown on their Tutor Profile.
  • Tutor Names are now showing up on Enquiries which are associated with that tutor on your front end.
  • We have Updated the Reports List display within Activity > Reports.
  • We now allow you to add Custom Fields to your Payment Orders HTML Template.
  • We have improved the Analytics view for our Client Spend.
  • To make our record keeping more consistent we have now removed the ability to edit Ad Hoc Charges on Finshed Jobs.
  • You are now able to include Lesson Hours on the Invoice HTML Template.
  • We have improved Analytics for our Ad Hoc Charge Categories.

That's it from us for the time being. Have any questions about those new developments? Feel free to drop me a line at fionn@tutorcruncher.com

We'll see you all in the New Year for the TutorCruncher 2018 Round-Up!

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