December Newsletter

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 Tom Hamilton Stubber
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TutorCruncher has seem some great features released in the past month. Check them out to see which one is going to be the most useful for you!

Tutor Profile Completion

Tutors now have a profile completion section that appears when they log in, prompting them to fill in their profile. It even includes the extra fields you mark required for them to fill in.

TutorCruncher's Profile Completion for Tutors
TutorCruncher's Profile Completion for Tutors

Lesson List on a Job

Previously we were displaying every single lesson for a job on that job's page, which can be annoying if you have to scroll past 100+ lessons to get to the information you want.

We now have a lesson list page for jobs with 8+ lessons, that lets you can filter the lessons by status.

TutorCruncher's Lesson List
TutorCruncher's Lesson List

Tutors optionally viewing students on a job

Tutors can now be allowed to view a student's details if they are on the same job as them. They can see any Custom Fields you make 'Tutor Editable', as well as their name and address.

This option can be turned on in Company Setup > Branch Setup.

Locations improved

You can now set an address on a job!

TutorCruncher's Lesson List
TutorCruncher's Lesson List

When you now click the Select Default Location button on a job, you can choose your current defined Locations in System > Locations, or you can choose any of the client, student or tutors on the job.

This address is viewable to the tutor too, and if they click on the address they get redirected to a map showing the location.

This is linked to our next announcement:

User Map 2.0 - Send job notifications by radius

TutorCruncher's Lesson List
TutorCruncher's Lesson List

You can now filter the user map! We've created functionality to allow you to filter by the user type and a radius in miles.

This fantastic new feature also allows you to put in a radius for job notifications, so once you set a default location on a job you can focus your job notifications to an area.

TutorCruncher's Lesson List
TutorCruncher's Lesson List

Small features and fixes:

  • The lesson repeater is now much smoother, and easier to use.
  • Huge speed ups on the all the users' pages and the job's page
  • Filtering for custom fields that are dropdowns now allow for selecting none.
  • Pay by card link from the invoices list page is now available.

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