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 Fionn Finegan
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Anyone who knows TutorCruncher knows we are always trying to figure out ways to best tailor our product offerings to the needs and desires of our users. That is the motivation behind every software update, newsletter and conversation with our clients. We want TutorCruncher to make the most valuable contribution that it can to the lives and businesses of our users.

So we're dropping the price of our standard support from $50 to $12.

It was that motivation that lead us to develop so much of what is great about the TutorCruncher platform today, and I know our long-time readers out there will recognize that we have come a long way in a few short years. But we also know that it’s not only our software that our dear users appreciate.

Throughout the years TutorCruncher has also prided itself on providing top tier customer service, and we know that this has been a significant factor in why many of our users have signed up, and why many of them have stayed with us. We want more people to have access to the level of support that suits them, that’s why we have decided to separate our support offerings into two new tiers.

We're making it cheaper than ever to have support only a click away
We're making it cheaper than ever to have support only a click away

The Tiers

In-app messaging - $12 (£10)

Almost everyone who uses support uses our in app messaging service, and so we've decided to cut the price a tiny £10 per month rather than the current support package priced at £40 per month.

Phone, videocall and in-app messaging support - $120 (£100)

For those who want the extra of support, including training and other questions, we have a higher tier available. We appreciate that companies who are just getting started would really benefit from this level of support, so we include it for all companies on the Startup pricing tier in their first 3 months using TutorCruncher.

For all our current users subscribed to the £40 per month support payments, you will be added to our Messaging Support Package and your charges will be reduced to £10 per month.

The Explanation

The benefits of distributing cost more fairly across services means that those who require only certain services will have access to them without users paying for services that they don’t need. We hope this represents a fairer more straightforward way of providing support where support is needed.

That’s what we think, but it would also be great to get your feedback on what you think of our new model; are you interested to hear the news? Had you considered our support packages before? Would you be interested in investing in a support package with us now? Did you prefer having cheaper access to phone support with the previous model?

Feel free to drop me a line with any and all of your thoughts at fionn@tutorcruncher.com, we’re all about customer feedback and getting to know what all you lovely people think.

Ultimately the better your businesses perform, the better news it is for us too, so we hope this will be another step in the right direction towards sharing a userbase that is more robust, confident and successful in your business and in your use of TutorCruncher.

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