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 Tom Hamilton Stubber

At TutorCruncher, we spent a long time trying to figure out which card payment service would be the best to integrate with, and Stripe came out on top.

There were 3 main points to look at, the pricing, the features, and the user's experience.


Though there were others, the two main providers to look at were PayPal and Stripe.

In terms of taking card payments, the fees are as follows:

Country Stripe Paypal
USA 2.9% + 30¢ 2.9% + 30¢
UK 1.4% + 20p 3.4% + 20p
Europe (most of) 1.4% + 25¢ 3.4% + 35¢

As we can see, Stripe was clearly the best choice for our merchants at this point.

(These prices are from November 2016, see the stripe website for up to date pricing)


Both systems seem to offer largely the same feature set, though PayPal allow a client to pay via Direct Debit, which Stripe do not have. We already had a solution for this; we'd received many requests for us to integrate with GoCardless, a Direct Debit service that only charges 1% per transaction.

The User's Experience

Stripe far outshone PayPal here; one click loads up an easy to use and secure popover where the client can enter their card details. The details can then be saved for future use! See our features page for more details.

Payments are quick and easy with TutorCruncher and Stripe.
Payments are quick and easy with TutorCruncher and Stripe.

We've been able to use Stripe to allow our merchants features including automatic and deferred payments, and saving and editing new client's card details.

What else sets Stripe apart?

We've found Stripe are really easy to chat to, and take feedback on board well. Some of our merchants have been able to take advantage of our excellent relationship with them by getting their rates lowered.

You can read more about how Stripe have integrated with TutorCruncher at Stripe's page for TutorCruncher.

We are third for CRM systems using Stripe.
We are third for CRM systems using Stripe.

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