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 Nabeela Hussain
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What is copywriting?

(Warner Bros) Copywrite or Copyright?
(Warner Bros) Copywrite or Copyright?

When I tell people I am a copywriter, many at first get very confused with what this means. They ask, “Is this to do with copywriting as in trademarking, do you copyright things?”, thinking I’m on the legal side of the department. I can see why it sounds like that, the two practically sound the same. I’m not part of the legal team at TutorCruncher, my talents are more inclined towards the creative side of the business. I’m a writer, it’s been my passion for as far and long as I can go back. Now I get to manage social media content, write regular blog posts, design email marketing and look over all communications.

My first month!

Wow, I just want to say, my first month has flown by! I’ve had the best start I possibly could, here at TutorCruncher. You get welcomed with open arms and have access to a full arsenal of support to get you settled in. Now I’m feeling clued in, up to date and confident in all the sides to the system.

Always start my day with a latte.
Always start my day with a latte.

Which means that I can be a bigger help and support to all our clients and the team. Knowing the company ins and outs is so important in creating the right type of content, marketing it relatable and of interest to key users.

We have a lot of exciting things coming up;

  • In the next six months TutorCruncher will be even more accessible to our Chinese pals with the new integration of Alipay and Wepay.
  • In about the same time frame we can look forward to our integration with Zapier! Giving you better control of your accounting and CRM through extra apps.


We work hard and snack even harder! One of my first implementations at TutorCruncher was Snack Fridays 😄 and it’s a hit guys! You can keep up to date with what we are crunching on in our Instagram feed @Tutorcruncher for all you foodies. Maybe drop us suggestions on what you think we should snack on next week!

Our lovely spread this week, mixture of healthy and the guilty!
Our lovely spread this week, mixture of healthy and the guilty!

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