10 Best Online Whiteboards in 2021 (Part 2)

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Updated  Nabeela Hussain

There were many whiteboards on the shortlist, many did not make it to testing stage but those that did are mentioned in this continued review. It is important to consider many options when choosing the right tool for your tutoring business. Aside from finding a whiteboard which suits all your business needs, you can also invest in CRM software to reduce your admin work load and make sure everything runs smoothly.

I suppose we all look for different features in a whiteboard. I compiled some of the requirements that appear to populate the most in a table to help you pick out which one may suit you best. You'll find this at the end of the review, but first let's take a look at the test results!

This list, like Part 1contains a wide verity whiteboards, including some which seamlessly intergate with TutorCruncher.

Whiteboard Comparison Continued..

5. Whiteboard .fi

Created by a teacher slash developer with a passion to be an entrepreneur!

Very simple and very basic, the main purpose of this board is for informative assessment. It's extremely fast to set up and requires very little effort. You can use it on any device and all you need is the lesson code to login and start learning. It's a virtual classroom that can hold multiple students, with their own board to write their answers. The tutor can review this and clear it with one click, simply move on and ask the next question on the board.

I can see this being used in school classrooms where the teacher can ask a question on the board and all the children reply on their tablet and the teacher can review all the independent answers on the screen. You may remember the ‘'Now show me your whiteboards'' line when you were in school. Well this is the future of the exact same situation.

This appears to be a new board that is still going through development to include more features like the other boards. But the fact that they are taking it slow and started off simple, means they can do things well. Soon they have new developments to come; such as being able to upload images, save boards, create whiteboard backgrounds and much more.

Right now the board seems smaller than the others in size, so for me I felt like I couldn't fit a lot in there, as you can see in the image below but maybe it suits its purpose for now.

By far the simpliest design for the most basic lesson.

What you can expect!

  • Colour palette
  • Undo and redo
  • Easy to draw shapes with the straight line tool
  • Text edit
  • Free for all
  • Easy to get started
  • Don't need a login
  • Demo walkthrough
  • Accessible on all platforms, use touch screens to draw on the board
  • Multi user lessons

6. Limnu

This one has a cute name, reminds me of lemons and when life gives you lemons, you..? You create a pretty awesome whiteboard. When I landed on their site I was very much impressed. You get this impression it does everything you want through a very professional and reliable service with a display famous companies who've given it a go.

It almost seems too professional for schools and tutoring and leans more towards the corporate world but hey, these are just first impressions. The sign up process was really easy and I started seeing words such as education and tutors to guide me which options to go, which is good!

Nice big whiteboard, endless in size, move over and continue sketching. The marker pen is cool and feels like you are actually drawing with a real pen. When I tried to create straight lines and shapes, they didn't appear so straight, which is annoying. I guess the look here is that it all works like a sketch with a freehand feel to it.

It has a great communications navigation bar on the right hand side for video calling and chatting. You can pin something on the board and easily refer to in the chat where it will take you to the point of reference. I can see why this is great for the professional world and I can also see how it can work very well in a tuition scenario.

Limnu was fun to use and offers great tools!

What you'll get for a good price:

  • Its expansive, the storage is unlimited
  • Easy to share and who you are sharing with will not need an account
  • Save you ideas and progress
  • Team admin controls, keep things up to date and secure
  • App and browser access
  • Undo and redo with CTRL z/v
  • Online video and chat
  • Highlight, drag and move things on the board
  • Add images
  • Add note, labels and pins

7. Bramble

Designed for online tutoring and it illustrates this immediately. You'll find a list of long reviews from tutors and a blog that covers topics surrounding learning with a scope of online methods to make the most out of teaching. They know what they have to offer and it comes for a price, as a tutor you could sign up or something as cheap as £10 a month and get started.

Sounds like a good deal so I signed up for the trial. The process was simple and secure. I found it funny how the default name was John Wick; they know how to stand out. I had a go with the whiteboard and the first thing I did was to upload an image. It seems to take up the whole page and you cannot move it around. The only way to make it smaller is to add another image. There is no option to change the colour of your pen or the size of it and the text but it is reasonable. It works well even though it can appear limited. The playback of the session is amazing, smooth, fast and instant.

Bramble Whiteboard.

Ramble on Bramble whiteboard with:

  • Online support and troubleshooting
  • Unlimited recordings
  • Live webcam and audio
  • PDF export
  • Upload documents
  • Take snapshots
  • Tutor dashboard, see timesheets and session data
  • Integratable through API
  • Online booking and calendar
  • Easy to follow tutorial
  • Free trial
  • Redo and undo
  • Switch like a slideshow your boards

8. Liveboard

This board is doing amazingly well with over 50,00 users consisting of teachers, tutors, professors and instructors; the reviews look promising. You go on to their site and it is all pretty straight forward.

This is the perfect platform for tutoring maths with the dotted background and a nice, good size clear board. Uploading images was easy, the pen is smooth, you get an option of a few colours which is nice, you can adjust the size and everything. If you make a mistake just hit CTRL z to undo and v to redo. You have to really like that feature as it is very intuitive. I couldn't check out the video conferencing as you need to go premium for that. But if you test out the demo and like how it works, then definitely worth going for the video for great lessons.

Doodling on Liveboard!

Live attributes to this board are:

  • Mobile app
  • Lesson recording
  • 30 free trial
  • Online support
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Upload images
  • Cloud storage
  • Instant messaging
  • Archive sessions
  • Undo and redo
  • Connect your terms and conditions
  • Google one click sign up

Seems like a sales type of software and if that's for you and you've got time to set it up and figure it out then this could be the board for you. Compared to others, I would not recommend it as the best learning tool.

Stick around for part two next week. It gets very interesting. With so much choice out there these days, it's good to know what the first hand experience with the different programs by the same person is like.

9. Ziteboard

So I've tested out the free version which was slightly limited as I was on the free demo but still quite impressive. I like the feel of a big board that you can drag across and continue working on giving you unlimited space. To type you just click somewhere on the page and start typing and a box will appear. If you make a mistake you can take the rubber tool and hold it over something and it will erase the whole line. Add notes and a to do list, easy to insert images and over all a very easy to use board. It's so important for a board to be intuitive for the best user experience and Ziteboard delivers that.

This whiteboard is so clean and flexible!

Zesty and cool features:

  • Graph paper add on
  • Sticky notes
  • White label solution api
  • Optimised for different devices
  • Word press plugin
  • Import pictures
  • Smart shape tools
  • Android app
  • Export to illustrator, perfect for art and design
  • Online text chat
  • Customise with your logo and color-theme on a custom subdomain
  • Navigation box

10. Vedamo

This is an amazing design tool with a cool 90s feel to the whiteboard while still maintaining a very modern and up to date front! Create amazing boards and just click on the retro floppy disk to save your work. It has the classic shapes and symbols and easy file upload. The dashboard is impressive and it I had no issues setting up or navigating through the features. I would use this for fun in general if it was free for design work or just brainstorming.

Vedamo is smooth, easy and fun. I think this should be really up there with considerations for a tutoring business. Seems that a lot of tutoring companies are already using them, freelance tutors, consultants, corporations, schools, universities, coaches and mentors. It's a constructive, efficient and fun platform for learning and sharing ideas.

This board could be used for design!

What I found in the using the demo:

  • Create your own academy with courses
  • Virtual classroom
  • Up to 25 learners per session
  • Schedule and manage in the dashboard
  • Colour palette
  • Graph paper
  • Undo and redo
  • Highlighter/pointer tool
  • Draw straight lines
  • Online video and chat
  • Countdown timer
  • Create personal notes
  • Media player
  • Save boards
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Export PDFs
  • Integratable

A quick overview:

It is hard to pick one as the top board as all of them have great features!

Overall we all look for different things in a whiteboard but maybe this review has lighted some of those and given an insight what the different boards are like. There were a lot that didn't make it on this list but maybe I will review Online Whiteboards again in 2020 and see if anything ages.

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