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 Nabeela Hussain
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Hello Fellow TutorCrunchers!

I'm going to take this opportunity and the responsibility of covering translation updates to firstly introduce myself to the crowd.

My name is Nabeela and I've recently joined TutorCruncher as their Senior Copywriter and Content Manager, so you will be seeing a lot of new posts and updates coming your way soon. I’ve already made my very first post last week. Check out The Journey as a Tutor and get to know a bit about my background and interest in the tutoring world.

Exciting Update!

Translations are finally here!! Yes, I know many people have been waiting for this one. This level of personalisation gives you the power to really make the software look how you’d like. You can take pretty much change any word that shows up and change it to your preferred semantic alternative.

Here's a snapshot of the translations view. Looks sleek and simple doesn't it?
Here's a snapshot of the translations view. Looks sleek and simple doesn't it?

Just hit CTRL + F and type in the word you're looking to edit, it will be highlighted and brought forward to you. Change students to wizards or tutors to professors. Just wave the mouse over to edit and boom it’s just like magic!

More hints and tips can be found on our help docs, just head over to Translating TutorCruncher for all you need to know about the new tool.

Get up to speed with this!

Among translations there are few more positive changes around the system features.

You'll be pleased to know that TutorCruncher will be working even faster and smoother for all your tutoring needs.

We have implemented a cap on the number subject choices per company, moving things in a more concise and productive direction. I don’t think many people could offer over 300 subjects but with good reason, maybe we will make an adjustment for you.

Everyone can now enjoy the following:

  • Speedy activity queries
  • Increased test timeout
  • Faster loading time on job and lesson details
(20th Century Fox) TutorCruncher now operates at lightning speed!
(20th Century Fox) TutorCruncher now operates at lightning speed!

Our tech team did a quick sweep and a clean up of the system to make sure its a well oiled machine. Furthermore while they were coding away, they made some useful changes that you'd might like to know about.

  • Now TutorCruncher will notify you of the exact location of the lessons instead of just the name of the place. This is far more useful, compared to only the name e.g. “Tom's house”. This saves time looking up the address to the job.

  • You can now add a rate to the invoice document context. We bestow this power on to you, use it if you wish.

  • Lastly, if you don't want to charge tax, no worries. Hit the Charge via tutor button and you’re in the tax free zone.

It was a team effort!

I want to give a big shout out to all our customers for the feedback that you've all been sending over. It truly helps us in to see how we can improve and make the service better for everyone. Also always so lovely to hear how you're enjoying the tutoring software and seeing your businesses grow.

TutorCruncher has had a growth spurt recently too with many new sign ups! The marketing team has been doing a great job welcoming and getting everyone on board.

A big round of applause for our developers, who've been working harder than ever in the last month, getting the new update looking and working perfectly.

(Warner Bros.) Here's to the TutorCruncher product development team!
(Warner Bros.) Here's to the TutorCruncher product development team!

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