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 Sam Jenkins

In the UK we are more than familiar with the notion of April showers. For anybody unaware of the saying “April showers bring May flowers”, the thing about this particular type of rain is:

  • It comes in April

  • There can be lots of it in a short amount of time

  • It precedes an abundance of flowers

With the tutoring industry in mind, can we see this as a metaphor for revision over the Easter holidays? Let’s have a closer look:

  • It comes in April - (usually)

  • There can be lots of it in a short amount of time - (as our previous blog explored, cramming before exams is commonplace)

  • It precedes an abundance of f̶l̶o̶w̶e̶r̶s great exam results - (more or less)

All in all, April puts us in good stead for the upcoming months. We are confident that this is the case for your clients given the effort that you all put into making sure that they are getting high quality services at great value. We hope that the same goes for TutorCruncher, as we are more committed than ever to ensuring that our system plays a key role in your company’s success and growth, particularly given the current demand for tutoring in advance of exam season.

As always, we hope that over the past month you have noticed useful tweaks and improvements to your TutorCruncher experience as we continue a steady stream of fresh updates, unlike those April showers. With that in mind, let’s have a look at a TutorCruncher digest for April!

Taking manual payments

Now when you process a manual payment in the system, you are able to specify the payment date. This will make it more accurate and effective in recording when certain invoices were paid, so that your records, along with the client’s receipt, will reflect when a payment was actually made rather than the day it was processed.

TutorCruncher April Newsletter

You will also notice that for manual payments and payments from credit, TutorCruncher now provides you with a popover modal for doing so. *Splendid. *The email that the client receives with this receipt can of course be customised in your Communications > Email Definitions > Invoice Receipt.

Credit requests for multiple jobs

We received really great feedback since we launched the ability to send out credit requests based on scheduled lessons on a job. For those of you who are yet to tap into the potential of this means to bill your clients ahead of time, have a quick look at our February Newsletter.

Now when creating an itemised credit request, you have the option to add multiple jobs’ worth of lessons to all appear on one credit request. You can do this in two ways:

  1. When creating a credit request from within a job, after specifying the client you can simply click ‘Add Job’ in order to add planned lessons from another job with which the same client is associated.

  2. If you simply proceed to Accounting > Credit Requests, you can now click on ‘Create from Services’ in order to launch a popover allowing you to specify a client and the multiple jobs that you want to add to their credit request. It really is as simple as that.

TutorCruncher April Newsletter

TutorCruncher will always check to make sure that you haven’t sent a credit request more than once for the same lessons, so if there are no jobs available for selection at this stage then there are no planned lessons on jobs for this client which have not already appeared on a credit request.

Markdown editor and previewing

In our March newsletter, we showed you the potential to format text in job descriptions, profiles, and more. Now, rather than having to write this in Markdown directly, you can use the built in Markdown editor on your text boxes and preview the formatting you have undertaken.

TutorCruncher April Newsletter

Simply click on the preview icon (the eye) to preview the editing you have done before saving any changes. With the markdown editor set up like it is now, you can straightforwardly insert pictures, gifs, links, and more! Would you not approve a tutor who filled in their application with a gif?

TutorCruncher April Newsletter

This functionality also allows you to improve your customisation of email definitions. Using the same editor and preview icon you are able to view the email that will be sent out following the changes you have made to it.

TutorCruncher April Newsletter

In the event that you make any changes to the email definition that cause issues, these can be identified by previewing the email definition. Simple, and powerful.

Datepicker on mobile

TutorCruncher is already really powerful on mobile and we are working hard to keep it that way. Whenever you are now logging or scheduling your lessons on the go, our mobile site will use your phone’s native datepicker as you can see below.

TutorCruncher April Newsletter

This change makes it even easier and smoother to use TutorCruncher on smartphone on a variety of devices. The same goes for tablets, too.

Next time on TutorCruncher

As always there is plenty more to come in the next month, and the month after that, and the month after that… you get the idea. During May we are going to be making significant improvements to the way emails and sent and stored in TutorCruncher, as well as beginning our SMS integration. Watch this space!

Great feedback from our great users is what keeps TutorCruncher on a constant upward trajectory. We improve the system with you in mind, so we hope you find these updates to be beneficial to your daily use of TutorCruncher. As always we are eager to continue these conversations through whichever medium is appropriate, whether here on our blog, on our social media, or through the online chat.

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more news on what we are up to!

Thanks again,

The TutorCruncher Team

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