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What a truly rare moment this is. Normally with these newsletters, I may be forgiven for musing on the pretty boring weather we tend to get in the UK. Now however, we’re in the midst of a continuing heatwave which has seen temperatures soar to searing heights of 34°C. And it might be getting even hotter. That’s been July 2018 for you!

Shoutout to our friends in Phoenix, Arizona, who pointed out that the mercury in their neck of the woods recently surpassed 116°F, or 46.6°C. Crikey!

Best wishes to all of our friends in the United States, many of whom will be very shortly starting the academic year 2018-19. We hope you’re well rested and ready to rock and roll!

It’s been busy, as it always is, over at TC headquarters. There have been a couple of team additions in the form of delightful interns, Hugo and Quan, and a new permanent recruit to join the team at the start of August. But more on that for next month’s newsletter…

As always, see below a summary of all the latest changes, improvements, tips and tricks, and pretty much anything else that might help you get more out of your account. Listen up, TutorCruncheurs! (noun, a person who is a user of TutorCruncher).

Bug Squashing and Tweaks:

  • Weekly update emails are no longer showing zeroes everywhere
  • Duplicate consent - we like GDPR as much as the next person, but having it show more than once on a profile was a little excessive
  • URL consistency cleanups
  • Custom institution adding issues, meaning tutors can now add their universities in a less convoluted way
  • Unit breakdown on service export and user IDs on exports for those using the CSV files

Lesson Report Approval

You can now add another step to your lesson report process. If you weren’t already aware, you currently have two options for the sending of your lesson reports:

  1. Have lesson reports included as a document with the invoice email your clients receive.
  2. Automatically send lesson reports to clients as soon as they are written by the tutor.

Process 1 is set up by going into your System > Settings > Activity and configuring your ‘Report Visibility’ dropdown. Process 2 is initiated by going into your System > Settings > Email Definitions and setting the trigger ‘A Report was created for a Lesson’ to active.

To allow for greater oversight of this process, we have now added an approval stage which can complement the existing way your lesson reports are sent to your clients. In your System > Settings > Activity, you can enable the checkbox marked ‘Approve appointment reports before sending’. With this field active, all of your new lesson reports will be shown under a new report approval screen, via your Activity > Reports > Approve Reports.

Check and approve your lesson reports before they are sent to your clients
Check and approve your lesson reports before they are sent to your clients

This list will show all of the lesson reports which await your approval. You can go into these reports and edit them, ensuring that all areas of spelling are top-notch, before approving them. To do so, simply tick the checkbox next to the corresponding report and it will be ready for approval. When you select ‘Approve’ at the bottom of the page, all of the ticked items will be approved. If a report remains unapproved on this screen it will not be viewable to the client.

Once the report(s) has been approved, it does one of the following based on the settings in your system:

  1. Be eligible for inclusion as a separate document with the invoice email for the client
  2. Sent out immediately to the client

And there you have it! Let the proofreading begin...

Bulk Credit Requests

We have revamped the credit request functionality to bring it more in line with the level of automation offered by invoicing after the fact. With Credit Request Regeneration, you can now bill all of your clients in advance of the lessons which they have scheduled in order to process a prepayment for them.

The process for invoicing after the fact is as follows:

  1. Tutors mark lessons as complete
  2. Draft Invoices > Regenerate to locate lessons in your specific date range
  3. Review, confirm, and raise invoices for all your clients
  4. Email notifications sent out and automatic payments processed

This allows you to ensure that all of the lessons which have taken place up to a specific point have been correctly invoiced for. This process is now highly similar for those of you who wish to bill your users in advance, save a couple of alterations:

  1. Tutors plan future lessons in schedule
  2. Draft Credit Requests > Regenerate to locate lessons in your specific date range
  3. Review, confirm, and raise credit requests for all your clients
  4. Email notifications sent out and automatic payments processed
Create invoices for all of your clients to pay ahead of time
Create invoices for all of your clients to pay ahead of time

There are many similar features of the invoicing process which have been replicated on the credit request functionality. For example, you don’t have to send all of your credit requests at the same time, you can choose to specify one or two if you wish and leave the rest in Draft. Additionally, lessons which have already appeared on a sent credit request will not reappear if you were to regenerate for a similar date range after you have already sent out a batch of credit requests.

In line with the same logic behind Invoices and Payment Orders, there is a specific section for monitoring your Draft Credit Requests and those which have been Raised. Do note the following clarifications with regards to the system’s existing functionality:

  • You can still create an individual credit request which is unrelated to any scheduled lessons. This can be done via the client’s account or by clicking ‘Create’ on the ‘Draft Credit Requests’ page.
  • The ‘Create Credit Request’ from the Job screen functionality has been removed, as it is no longer relevant with the new Credit Request Regeneration.
  • You can still add non-lesson related items to a draft credit request by clicking on the draft and selecting ‘Add Item’ (this is ideal for things like deposits on a client account).

Terms and conditions on enquiry forms

For those of you who are already using TutorCruncher Socket enquiry forms on your website along with the Terms and Conditions as relevant to GDPR, you can now have this consent show on your Socket.

Ensure that your terms and conditions and data policy are clearly communicated via your enquiry forms
Ensure that your terms and conditions and data policy are clearly communicated via your enquiry forms

If you proceed to your System > Settings > API Integrations and select your 'Socket Integration', you can then click 'Edit'. On the popover, there is a section at the bottom called 'Link to terms and conditions'. If this section contains a link to the page where your terms and conditions are set up, then your website's enquiry forms will include a new checkbox that asks your users to read them before they submit their enquiry.

New website

You may have also noticed that TutorCruncher has a brand new website. We’re hoping that it’s a slicker experience for all and would be delighted to know what you think. For those of you who aren’t already aware, we have on our website a growing directory of tutoring companies around the world. These companies are not necessarily affiliated with TutorCruncher, so there really is no reason to not have your company listed on there if it isn’t already.

If you would like to have your company added to the directory, simply send over the following to info@tutorcruncher.com:

  • Company name
  • Contact number
  • Contact email
  • Website
  • Address
  • City
  • Short blurb for your company profile (roughly 75-100 words is sufficient)

The Feature Crunch

We’ve been working on a new segment called The Feature Crunch! This is where, with the assistance of yours truly, we will take you through some specific areas of the system to give you a personalised overview on how we envisage certain areas of the system to be used. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel so that you can receive updates whenever we add a new Feature Crunch.

And obviously, you can see me chatting away about my favourite thing, TutorCruncher.

Check out us talking about the client pipeline and tutor login functionalities.

More to come

There’s never a dull moment at TC HQ, and we’ve got some great updates coming relating to packages and credit management. There are also some changes coming to make card payments smarter and more secure using Stripe’s latest technology. That’s all for now, but let us know what you think and keep an eye out for us on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

As always, thanks for reading.

TutorCruncher, the #1 option for tutoring business management
TutorCruncher, the #1 option for tutoring business management

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