TutorCruncher Features Update January 2020

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TutorCruncher Features Update January 2020

What’s new on TutorCruncher?

The tech team has been working very hard the last couple of months to bring new features to TutorCruncher. This post will cover some of our key changes. You can always check out our Developer Timeline anytime to stay up to date about the improvements made on our platform.

As you may already know, we are always asking for client suggestions and feedback about how we can improve our platform. This is why we have decided to start highlighting the improvements which were directly requested by our clients!

These are some of the new features and updates that you should know about:

  • Client Requested: We have made some improvement on our SMS communication function, by adding a new SMS definition for lesson reports. As soon as a report is ready the SMS can be sent out to the client to view it. This is great as it is keeping all your clients within the loop and making information available to them sooner. You can enable the SMS definition in settings and these will be triggered once a report is created. Our SMS total spend feature is a good way to make sure you do not overspend on SMSs. If you do reach the limit no more SMSs will be sent out, however, you can contact us anytime to increase your limit.

  • Client Requested: Our developers have added a new email definition to our automated email list. The new email is triggered to notify admins and tutors when a client books into a lesson. This way you can be kept in the loop and keep your calendars updated.

  • We always want to hear from our users, which is why we have made it even easier for you to get in touch. Feedback is now an option in the menu under System, so that anytime you are using TutorCruncher and spot or think of anything that you would like to let us know about, you can just click on Feedback and send all the information over to us anonymously. All new users will also get an email at the end of their trial to opt to give feedback through a link.

  • TutorCruncher now has more extensive endpoints for job details through the API. This is great for all the clients that love to customise TutorCruncher. With these new improvements you can customise your online interface even more, and create unique options to suit your company.

TutorCruncher Features Update January 2020
  • We have had some speed ups in the software, making it run even smoother and faster on all devices. This is something we are continuously improving.

  • You will also notice we have improved lesson report filters. With our update you can now filter for admins and tutors within TutorCruncher. Something that wasn’t an option before but we felt it could be really useful from the feedback we received.

  • TutorCruncher now has concurrent lessons for a single conflict aware location. Meaning one location can house a set number of lessons happening at once before showing a conflict. This gives you more flexibility in how you use the software and caters to more business styles.

  • Scheduled lessons are now instantly updated if the address of a student or tutor is changed. This means students who get home tuition or tutors who tutor from home, can update their address, and have future lesson locations updated instantly.

  • Our location geocode has been improved with our latest updates. This means you get better location accuracy all across the system.

  • Often when you edited permissions to the Tutor’s profile it didn’t apply to other existing jobs in the system. But now we give the option for you to do so. TutorCruncher has branch-wide default tutor permissions now available to you. Any changes you make to the tutors permissions can be applied across the whole branch of the business. We have enabled default tutor permissions so that if you have a preference you don't have to change them on every job.

Making payments on TutorCruncher

TutorCruncher Features Update January 2020
  • Client Requested: Online transactions for our clients in the US have been made even easier, with the integration GoCardless' new ACH feature! This means now you can take automated payments at an even cheaper rate. To find out more about GoCardless click here.

Read our user guide to help you set it up on your account!

  • A lot of clients wrote in to remind us of the changes Stripe was making and to make sure we were all set on our side for them. Stripe Strong Customer Authentication is all set up and in action. Making it even more secure for all users.
TutorCruncher Features Update January 2020

To find out more about SCA visit Stripe's blog or click here.

These are all our updates so far for this season but we will have more out to you soon! Just keep an eye on our change log and blog to be sure to be on the in with all new information and updates.

If you have any feedback on development ideas, you can always email them over to us on info@tutorcruncher.com, you never know you might see it come to life on our next update! We look forward to working with you to create new features to improve the platform for everyone!

TutorCruncher Features Update January 2020

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