TutorCruncher is having a party!

 Sam Jenkins
Small business Startup Tutoring

We are having a party at our new office! The plan is to celebrate the beginning of the 2018-19 academic year on our office rooftop, which will (fingers crossed) be bathed in sunshine. We've invited our clients and partners to meet the faces behind the system, find out more about what we're doing every day to improve TutorCruncher, and mingle with other companies with whom we work. Our plan is to have an event which is light on dull presentations and heavy on nibbles, drinks, and great conversations.

We'll be up on the sunny rooftop, so come join!

If you have a question to which you think many people would benefit from hearing the answer, then please send it over to sam@tutorcruncher.com. The whole TutorCruncher team will be on hand to chat and discuss anything related to what we're up to or what your company is up to.

We hope to see you there! Tickets are free but limited, so RSVP by 26th August and let us know of any specific dietary requirements.