TutorCruncher January Newsletter

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 Sam Jenkins

2017 is now very much in full swing! We hope that the new year has been positive so far for everyone and that a solid platform has been created, from which great things are to be achieved as the year goes on. Over at TutorCruncher, things are busier than ever: over the last two weeks we had 7000 people log into TutorCruncher from all over the world! We are of course committed to making sure that performance is not affected by this level of activity, and so we have recently deployed changes that speed up page load time to make your experience as smooth and speedy as it can be.

As always, we are keen to share with you updates that we have worked on which allow TutorCruncher to continue to make running your company a breeze.

Updates to Sent Invoices:

We have updated the Sent Invoices page to detail the part payments of any invoices, as well as the invoice PDF itself.

TutorCruncher January Newsletter

If you have a client with balance on their account, this balance can be automatically subtracted from the invoice as you send it to the client. The PDF that the client receives will detail what has already been paid from their balance, as above, and the Sent Invoices page clarifies what is still to pay in order to fully pay the invoice. Easy as that!

TutorCruncher January Newsletter

Updates to Forms:

But wait, there’s more! We have made some changes to the profile forms for Tutors and Clients to look more welcoming and to highlight certain aspects of the drop-down forms that require their attention. There are also some great improvements to the Tutor Signup link that you can see below.

TutorCruncher January Newsletter

This is a much improved version of the previous link for tutors to sign up. The text on this page is customisable from your System > Configuration. With your company’s branding presence on this page, it will be a clearer, more consistent, and more straightforward process to those prospective tutors applying to work with your company

These updates will be going live later today, so keep an eye out for them.

Coming soon

We would also like to give you all a preview of a really exciting feature to come: TutorCruncher Socket. This is something that you will be able to embed and customise on your website, which links up to your TutorCruncher account to perform a variety of functions. It will allow people on your company website to:

  • Browse your tutor profiles
  • Filter by their relevant skills
  • Book sessions based on tutor availability and skills

There is really outstanding potential for Socket to transform the way that you can interact with your clients, this is just the start of what we had in mind for Socket. We would also be thrilled to hear from anyone interested to help us test Socket. If you are interested, then please do not hesitate to get in touch at sam@tutorcruncher.com.

As always, keep an eye out for us on Facebook and Twitter.

Always a pleasure,

The TutorCruncher Team

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