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As we march onwards into the second half of 2017 at exhilarating speed, let us take a moment to look back on July. For the astrology enthusiasts amongst us, as a month of Cancer and Leo, this is a time of year for the passionate, imaginative, and humorous amongst us to show what we are made of. These are all terms applicable to the team at TutorCruncher I might add…! That said, we tend to subscribe to the Arthur C. Clarke school of thought on star signs:

“I don’t believe in Astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re sceptical.”

No reason to be sceptical about how your business is running with TutorCruncher on hand. Before we get right into a recap of what we have been up to, with some tips and tricks along the way, we would like to share an exciting opportunity with you and your business to explore with our new Online Whiteboard!

We are really excited about the opportunities that this will bring for your company, whether you are already offering online tutoring, have thought about it but never got round to exploring it, or are as yet unaware of its huge potential. You can now encourage your tutors to conduct their lessons with students via the system with a slick, powerful, and user friendly whiteboard platform that they access through TutorCruncher. With online tutoring, there’s now no reason for your tutors to lose out on clients who travel over summer, or else live in remote locations that your tutors might normally be unable to travel to. We’ve had companies report as much as a 40% increase in total sales through focussing on online tutoring.

If you CANNOT WAIT to use the Online Whiteboard (and we understand why), then send us an email to info@tutorcruncher.com to get early access. That way you can beat the queue and make the most of this brand new addition to TutorCruncher right away, so don’t delay!

Top Tip of the month

As always, we love to help you realise the potential of TutorCruncher to make running your business a breeze, not a headache. On this occasion, we would like to highlight the power of Labels and what you can achieve with them.

First and foremost, labels are an effective, customisable tool in order to allow you to sort your users. For example, if I wanted to easily interact with all of my tutors who offer Online Tutoring then I can apply a label to their profiles. Then I can locate them all easily in my database with the Label filter, as well as send out a Broadcast to those specific tutors with the label applied to their profile. Whether I am adding labels to sort my tutors, or to identify my VIP clients, I can always target a specific group of my users with these customisable labels.

Online tutoring is the place to be!
Online tutoring is the place to be!

Additionally, you can go into a specific label and add an administrator as an Email Recipient. This means that whenever a label is applied to a user or a lesson, an administrator gets an email notification alerting them to that action. This has some really useful applications for both you and your tutors!

  1. If I am recruiting my tutors through TutorCruncher using the signup form, any tutor who creates an account will automatically have the ‘Self Sign Up’ label applied to their profile. If I add an administrator as an Email Recipient to this already existing label, I can have that person be directly notified every time a tutor signs up.

  2. If I want to be notified whenever a tutor changes a lesson time, I might create a label called ‘Lesson Rescheduled’ which I can let my tutors apply to their lessons. That way, if the tutor has to reschedule a slot then they can apply that label to the lesson so that the relevant administrator is kept in the loop.

It’s as easy as that! Let us know how you are currently using labels or get in touch to explore how using labels can help you maximise your company’s time and usage of TutorCruncher.

Ad Hoc Charges

We have made a couple of changes to the way you can view and process ad hoc charges in the system. Firstly, if you go to Activity > Ad Hoc Charges, you now have a clearer breakdown of what Ad Hoc Charges have been logged in the system and whether or not they have been sent on an invoice/payment order. Keeping track of whether someone has paid their registration fees with your company is simpler than ever.

Simpler and snazzier.
Simpler and snazzier.

Additionally, you can make the creation of these registration fees hassle free and pre-set. By going into System > Configuration > Accounting, and click on ‘Ad Hoc Charge Categories’, you can set up your own types of category for the one off charges that you process in your system. This helps to keep your analytics breakdown clear and also factor in any relevant tax calculations for the specific categories. Additionally, you can set up a default amount whenever this category is selected while logging an Ad Hoc Charge. That way, all I need to do is select my ‘Registration Fee’ category and the amount will automatically be set for you. This should help you both save time and avoid mistakes from repeated manual entry.

Dormant tutors

We have made it easier for you to keep track of your active tutors in your database by automatically setting tutors to dormant if they have had no activity in the past 6 months. This way, your ‘Approved’ list of tutors will remain slimmed down and relevant to those who are active in the system, and you can equally notice some tutors which may have slipped off the radar. If you were to then create a Broadcast, you can sent this specifically to your Dormant tutors in bulk to follow-up with them.

It is worth noting that we understand this may not be something that all of our users would want to happen automatically, so we have made this configurable in your System > Configuration > Branch Credentials. From here, you can set up whether you want the ‘Automatically mark idle Contractors Dormant’ to occur, or perhaps simply change the number of days of inactivity required for this to be actioned.

Tutor search by institution

We are delighted to unveil the much-awaited filter by a tutor’s institution! Following the updates we told you about in the previous newsletter to improve the way a tutor adds institutions to their profile, you are now able to factor this information into your custom algorithms when filtering through your tutor database. This, in combination with the labels that you select and the subject skills you are looking for, should make finding the right tutors for your students more precise and straightforward than ever.

Oxbridge awaits!
Oxbridge awaits!

Until next time

As ever, we love sharing what we have been up to in order to help you get the most out of TutorCruncher to get the most out of your company. We look forward to hearing from those of you excited to get a head start on the Online Whiteboard, and are eager to let you start sending SMS reminders to your users very soon. You know where to find us if you want to be part of the TutorCruncher conversation!

Thanks again,

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