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Hello to all! We're fast approaching the summer and we’re very much in the thick of exam season, so it is a busy time for tutors and tutees alike. Good luck to all of those who are very much at the business end of their academic years. As you may expect, when it’s a busy time for tutoring, it’s a busy time for TutorCruncher!

GDPR recap

In case you’ve been off the grid over the past few weeks, there has been quite a lot happening in the world of businesses which operate in Europe. You might have also got a lot of emails to your personal inbox to the tune of:

‘We’re updating our privacy policy’

‘Opt-in to continue hearing from us’

Or, my personal favourite,

‘Is this goodbye?’

Understanding how GDPR's terminology works in practice
Understanding how GDPR's terminology works in practice


That’s right, we are now living in the world of GDPR. We’ve been very busy making sure that TutorCruncher has all the tools in place to ensure that you and your users are fully aware of some of the key components of this new GDPR age. If you haven’t already taken a look at our 3-part blog series, then we would definitely encourage you to do so:

  1. The GDPR Identity
  2. GDPR Reloaded
  3. GDPR and the Last Crusade

In addition to the work we have been doing in these areas, there has also been a great deal of bug-squishing going on as well as tweaks and improvements to the TutorCruncher experience. See below for a breakdown of all you need to know to be a veritable TutorCruncher pro.

Bug squashing report

  • Tables in Analytics are now ordering correctly
  • Students without a surname are now being created by Socket enquiry forms
  • Intercom button on mobile has been moved into a tab, making it less infuriating
  • Jobs now correctly show activity for emails sent as well as an action for confirmation emails
  • Low Balance Notifications are going out at less irrelevant times
  • Client Signup page has had its Captcha checkbox fixed
  • Emails will no longer show an erroneous sent time of 48 years ago. We weren’t crunching tutors back then not that old
  • An extremely rare and infuriating bug involving a very particular set of circumstances led to lessons sometimes, but not always, appearing on more than one payment order. Thanks to hard work and lots of coffee, this has been resolved.

Custom fields > Custom fields

A fairly significant change (at least in our database) is that custom fields have now been renamed as Custom Fields. You are likely to already have custom fields -- I mean custom fields -- on your tutor profiles to capture extra bits of information, on your lesson reports to create a template for your tutors to fill in, or on your tutor reviews so that clients can structure their feedback according to what you want to hear from them. This change is very much one of keeping things simpler going forward. Speaking of things you can do with these custom fields...

Custom fields on available jobs

You are now able to include custom fields on jobs which are available for application. The default information which is viewable to your tutors on an available job includes:

  • The tutor’s pay
  • The job description
  • The required skills for the job

Now, by creating a custom field which applies to a Job, you can tick the ‘Available Jobs’ checkbox. This custom field will therefore show on the job, allowing you to consistently communicate extra information to your tutors on the jobs you wish them to apply for. In my example below, I have added a pay range scale as well as a summary of the job’s length. As always, experiment and see what works for your company.

TutorCruncher June '18 Newsletter

Add extra information as viewable to your tutors on your available jobs

Default job status

We know many of you will always use the available jobs board, however, there are a number of users we work with who undertake their tutor-student matching process in a different way. Those users are now able to configure the default status for their newly created jobs.

TutorCruncher June '18 Newsletter

Save time on changing your job statuses by setting up your defaults

By going to your System > Settings > Activity, you are able to set your ‘Default Job Status’. This has been requested by a number of users and so we are hopeful that you are able to use this effectively to manage your job creation process whilst minimising any extra/unnecessary clicks.

Radius improvement

Another bit of feedback we have taken on from you, our users, concerns the map. Everyone loves the map. You’ve got lots of little pins which show exactly where everyone is and it is very satisfying to gaze over your tutoring empire as it goes from coast to coast… Except for the fact that often, you actually only want to see your live users.

TutorCruncher June '18 Newsletter

View the locations of your tutors and clients on our Google Maps integration

With that in mind, there is a checkbox which you can now tick when looking at the map. Ticking this checkbox and selecting ‘Filter’ will therefore only show your users who are currently set to ‘Live’ (for clients) and ‘Approved’ (for tutors), thus making the information a bit more pertinent where possible. Simple, and effective!

Lots more to come

You may have heard that we are hiring, so we’re eager to ramp up the speed at which we are able to continue to improve the system you use every day. There are a number of things involving billing for packages, online payments, and much more to come on the horizon. Let us know what you think, keep an eye out for us on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll be in touch.

As always, thanks for reading.

The TutorCruncher Team

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