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Spring ends and summer begins in June. And what a start to the summer we have had in the UK! The records we hit for temperatures make for sweltering reading:

  • Hottest day of the year so far (21st June)

  • Hottest June day for 40 years (34.5 degrees!) you have to go back to 1976 for the famous UK heat wave

  • 5 days of consecutive over 30 degree weather for 20 years

Particularly in London, the introduction to Summer took the warm weather to the next level. Does that mean that TutorCruncher have been swanning around all day, drinking iced coffees, working on our tan? We should be so lucky! This month we have been talking about the importance of online reviews (feel free to let us know how much you love using TC) and also added to our blog series of Tutoring Software Wars. If you want to get the low-down on the best tutoring management software and wanted our perspective, then take a look at part 1 and part 2. We are always keen to maintain a great conversation with our users, so keep an eye out for what we are up to on social media.

Top Tip of the month

Our objective is to give you the tools to manage your time effectively and to grow your business using TutorCruncher. These top tips aim to highlight certain things you might not have known you could do in the system which are well worth considering as a means to better manage a useful business practice. One of the these areas is Default Rates, for both Tutors and Students.

You can use this to assign a default rate in a Tutor’s or a Student’s profile to override the Job rate on any lesson that they are added to. Enabling and applying this is simple: go into your System > Configuration > Accounting, and tick the boxes marked ‘Default Tutor Rates’ and/or ‘Default Student Rates’. Then, simply go into the relevant user’s profile, click on ‘Edit’ and set up their default rate.

Get your students on your tiered packages with default rates
Get your students on your tiered packages with default rates

Doing this is so simple and can be an effective way of processing some of your company’s operations. Say, for example, you had a *Super Tutor *who worked across a series of jobs with various students: simply add them to the lesson and their default rate will apply. In addition, your company could offer a Bronze, Silver, and Gold membership which you can apply to a Student so that when they drop into your homework club they have their own rates. When it comes to generating your invoices and payment orders, TutorCruncher will automatically factor in these variables to make sure your accounting is always a breeze.

Summer is a time where we can really work on some of our long term projects for the betterment of TutorCruncher and look to add further value to your use of the system. Along with the changes that we have made to emails and the upcoming SMS functionality (which we are VERY excited about, nothing brightens up the day quite like a text from TutorCruncher), there are of course lots of other areas that we have been working on. Get yourself a summery cocktail of choice and read on!

Our cocktail of choice is an all-year round option that combines hot water with the ground seeds of a plant native to tropical southern Africa and tropical Asia. We call it the TC-offee.

Dropdown searches

We have taken your standard TutorCruncher dropdown and **supercharged **it. This is both for the speed of TutorCruncher as a whole as well as an improved user experience. Whenever you are adding a user to a job, whether they are a tutor or a student, you are now able to search for them rather than select them from a large dropdown. This is both about making TutorCruncher a faster system when handling large volumes of data and improving the search function to locate your specific users more effectively at this stage.

As a mini-tip, did you know that when adding a tutor and a student to a job you can assign them a custom charge rate? If you have a group session with users on different rates then you can manage this information easily this way!

TutorCruncher June Newsletter

Additionally, if you go into Activity > Reports then your filtering options are broken down into searchable fields for the student, client, or job that your reports are written for. If you set this up with a custom date range as well, you can compile all of these PDFs into one and download it. For those of you who like to use the lesson reports to log progress and prepare an end of term summary, this kind of functionality is well worth looking at.

Now, the process of adding institutions and qualifications on your tutor’s profiles is much better optimised (or better yet, add your tutors so that they can fill in this information themselves!). Whether you are a tutor or an administrator, you can fill in the institutions and qualifications on your profile and even create custom institutions. Maybe your tutors are alumni of the School of Hard Knocks… I haven’t checked their syllabus recently but with your ability to set up Custom Qualifications on TutorCruncher you can make sure all of your tutor’s profiles are thoroughly filled out with accurate and pertinent information.

TutorCruncher June Newsletter

Payment orders

When it comes to running your payroll, we have tried to simplify the process of reconciling your accounting within TutorCruncher. When you mark a payment order as paid, you will now get a popover that defaults to a ‘Bank Transfer’, then, when the item is marked as paid, you will remain on the ‘Sent Payment Orders’ page. This should make your processes much more streamlined without causing accounting confusion.

TutorCruncher June Newsletter

Our suggested workflow for payroll is as follows:

  • Draft, review, and send payment orders

  • Use our dedicated accounting export for Quickbooks, Sage, or Xero

  • Pay your tutors via your accounting platform/bank system

  • Mark payment orders as paid in TutorCruncher

And, voilà!

Online tutoring preview

TutorCruncher is fundamentally an prime example of using technology to improve the quality of services that you offer. For the majority of our users, this is about keeping in touch with both tutors and clients and effectively managing an agency on a day to day basis with automated functions and a reduction in manual handling. However, when was the last time you thought about the actual tutoring side of your business and whether that is making the most of the technology on offer?

To that end, TutorCruncher hopes to spark your interest in an upcoming Online Whiteboard integration to be available to you and your tutors very soon. This will allow you to conduct your sessions directly from within TutorCruncher on a platform that is designed precisely with tutoring in mind.

Do you already work with tutors who tutor online?

You will be positively blown away by what the Whiteboard will offer your tutors as a learning tool for their online sessions. Streamlining everything through TutorCruncher gives you so much potential to integrate your students’ learning with the schedule.

Have you never thought about offering online tutoring?

The potential of online tutoring is **remarkable **in terms of what it can offer both your tutors and your students. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming blog content and notices from us about the myriad of opportunities that online tutoring offers your users and how it can be so easy, and so effective, to branch out into an area that is only going to become more popular and desirable in the future.

We will be making the Online Whiteboard freely available to all our users. If you are extremely excited and would like to get started as soon as possible, then let us know. Equally, if you wanted to opt out of this offering, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Coming soon

We are so excited about some of the upcoming features we are to be offering you, our users, and hope that you are too! We look forward to updating you soon about the Online Whiteboard offering and speaking to you about how to get so much out of online tutoring in TutorCruncher, whether a seasoned veteran of online tutoring or somebody eager to make the most of a great opportunity to grow your company in diversifying the services you offer to students by the tutors you work with.

Equally, expect to see some news on SMS very soon! Nothing brightens up the day quite like getting a text from TutorCruncher, we can’t wait to give you the tools to communicate directly with your users via SMS. More to follow!

As always, do not hesitate to get in touch and be part of the TutorCruncher conversation. May the sunshine and good times, both weather and business related, roll on!

Thanks again,

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