TutorCruncher March Newsletter

 Sam Jenkins
Business Management

The clocks have gone forward and there is blossom on the trees. I suppose the only remaining thing to truly confirm the arrival of Spring is, of course, the TutorCruncher March Newsletter! Commiserations to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere who are now winter-bound. Either way, with lengthy and important exam periods on the horizon, we are entering one of the busiest times of year for the industry. It is more important than ever to make sure that your company is in an ideal position to maximise the forthcoming opportunities. Step up TutorCruncher: ready, willing and able.

It has been a record-breaking month in terms of volume of invoices and transactions that have been processed by TutorCruncher, as well as reaching over 5,000 weekly users. However, the system is still smarter and faster than ever as we are constantly improving performance and load times.

We are always grateful to those of you who have chosen our services and are determined to continue to add value wherever we can to your TutorCruncher experience. With optimisations and UI changes aplenty, you should always be able to notice those small but meaningful improvements to your TutorCruncher account. Here is a highlights reel of March and a preview of what is to come.

Website Integration with TutorCruncher Socket

The highlight of this month was the much-awaited launch of TutorCruncher Socket. As powerful as it is elegant, Socket allows you to take your company’s website to the next level by listing your tutor’s profiles directly from your user database using our API. Your clients can make enquiries and request specific tutors without having to leave your website.

For in-depth details about TutorCruncher Socket, read our blog post here or get started with integrating Socket into your website right away with our guide.

Available jobs board

We have made significant improvements to the Available Jobs section of TutorCruncher as your tutors look to bid for specific jobs that have been made Available for Application. Your tutors are now able to view how many previous applications have been made for a specific job, along with being drawn to recently posted jobs. This should encourage your tutors to be applying for more jobs, in terms of seeing a newly available and relevant position and also seeing a job that does not have many bids.

As an administrator it has equally become more straightforward to see the amount of applications made for a specific job, simply look at the bids column when filtering by jobs that are Available for Application.

In addition to this, the administrator view of the jobs page is now much more clear in the way that the breakdown of students/clients and tutors is detailed next to a job, as is the job’s status. We are very keen to make these kinds of user interface changes so that the pertinent information is explicit and easily accessible to you to act upon. Navigating between the different tabs, even when you have filtered your Jobs, is now a breeze!

If you have any worthwhile suggestions on improvements to our user interface then we would be delighted to hear from you. You can always get hold of us via the online chat or by email.

Text Formatting with Markdown

It is now possible in multiple areas of the system to format your text content using Markdown. To the uninitiated, this involves inputting very simple code into some text fields that can then be rendered to reflect formatting changes. For example, you can format your job descriptions for tutors to make them stand out, so that this:

Becomes this:

To learn more about how to format these text fields, check out our Markdown guide. You can currently write in Markdown in tutor bios and teaching experience, additional information fields on profiles, automated emails, broadcasts, job descriptions, client reports, and more!

Send lesson reports as soon as they are written

As you are all aware, whenever a lesson is marked as complete in TutorCruncher the user doing so is prompted to write a client report. These reports are usually sent out with the corresponding invoices, but now you are able to have these reports go out at the moment they are written.

Using the new Email Definition called ‘A Report was created for an Appointment’, you can of course customise the content of this email. This might also be a good opportunity to revisit the customisation of your reports to go out to clients attached to the email and also to encourage your clients to give feedback about the lesson by asking them to get in touch with you. Please note that by default this email style is set to not send, so you will need to go into your Communications > Email Definitions and make sure the checkbox for ‘Emails Sending’ is ticked for pressing ‘Submit’.

Add tutors and students to jobs/lessons

We have also given you more control over adding tutors and students to jobs and lessons. When adding to a job, there is now a checkbox prompt that will allow you to add to all future planned lessons for both tutors and students. In addition, when adding users to a specific lesson, TutorCruncher will indicate whether or not a tutor/student is already on the job, and give you the opportunity to them to the job if they are not currently. This should both make things clearer and also save you a few clicks!

Onwards and upwards

There is plenty of exciting stuff in the pipeline for TutorCruncher’s continued development. In addition to the future direction of Socket and the exciting capabilities of web integration with TutorCruncher, we are also soon to be improving the way that you can generate itemised credit requests to go out to one client based on multiple jobs.

The best way to keep up to date with all that is happening is to make sure you are following us on Facebook and Twitter. Our blog also has regular new content on TutorCruncher, education, software, managing a tutoring company, tutoring and the tuition industry, and more. The dialogue between TutorCruncher and its users is essential to the continued improvement of our services, so don’t hesitate to join in the conversation.

Thanks again,

The TutorCruncher Team

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