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May really is the business end of the academic year. Many students across all age groups will have begun sitting down for the final exam push. To those who are still yet to sit their exams, best of luck, to those who have already taken their tests, time for a well earned break! It is equally worthwhile to send out best wishes to educators, teachers, and tutors who have invested so heavily in the success of their students with their efforts in recent times.

May is a seemingly disruptive month, particularly in the UK. In addition to having to plan around exam timetables aplenty, there are public holidays at the beginning and end of May. This can mean that there is precious little time in a short month to make progress and work effectively…

Ha! As though TutorCruncher would ever let a couple of measly bank holidays get in the way of our aims and ambitions. We are as focussed and as busy as ever!

We recently said farewell to our marketing intern, Maria, who has been working with us over the past 3 months and is now returning to university. Maria made a valuable contribution to TutorCruncher and you can read all about her experience, along with other blog content. We would also like to highlight what has been achieved over the past month to make TutorCruncher as ready, willing, and able as ever in helping you run and grow your company. As well as updating TutorCruncher to be on the most up-to-date and secure web framework, there are a couple of other things we would like to highlight. With that in mind, on to our covfefe (coverage?) of what we have been up to!

Students can view reports

You can now give your students the ability to view lesson reports when they log into TutorCruncher. Upon logging in, below the documents tab, your students will have a breakdown of lesson reports that have been written and the lessons to which they are associated.

A snapshot of the tabs now available to Students
A snapshot of the tabs now available to Students

However, your students will not be able to view anything as the custom fields that appear on a report are, by default, not set to ‘Viewable by Student’. If you want your students to view their lessons reports, you therefore have a couple of options:

  1. Give all of the custom fields that apply to a lesson report Student Access

  2. Customise your reports with custom fields that are viewable to different users

We would wholeheartedly recommend going through door number 2, as this gives you a lesson report that can serve multiple functions. You can create a field that only has Tutor Access, allowing them to leave feedback to the relevant administrator to action upon that is captured at the time of writing the lesson report. You could also create fields that are to be communicated to the parent client that are discreet to the student to make selective information available to students. You really can explore in depth customisation of your lesson reporting!

Creating an custom field
Creating an custom field

If you were not already aware, you can export your report PDFs in bulk. If you go into Activity > Reports, you can filter your list down by the client, student, or job. Once you have done so, you can export these report PDFs as one document.

Export your data

We have also optimised your ability to export accounting data from TutorCruncher into the relevant accounting platform. You will now see that if you go into System > Export > Accounting Export, you will now have the option to perform detailed or basic exports depending on which accounting platform you are using. The main difference between the detailed and basic exports is that the former gives you an export of individual items that are on an invoice, as opposed to the latter giving you a simple list of one invoice per line on the CSV file.

Exporting accounting data
Exporting accounting data

*But wait, there’s more! *You will also be able to export your client balance history too! Simply go into Accounting > Client Balances and you can filter, then export your client’s balances. This way you can reconcile all the relevant client balances and keep your bookkeepers as happy as larry.

Customise your users’ dashboards

We have also added new ways that you can customise your dashboards for all your users in TutorCruncher. If you go into System > Customisation > Communications, clicking on Setup Extra HTML, you are able to input HTML that will appear on the relevant dashboard for your users. All you need to do is fill in the designated part of the form, tick the checkbox to mark it active, and voilà!

Using the extra HTML on a dashboard
Using the extra HTML on a dashboard

As I have indicated above, you can use this functionality to embed key bits of information to appear on your users’ dashboards when they log in, such as an informative video about your company. You can also use this to work with Analytics, as you can insert tracking codes in this way to track certain information. There is great functionality to be explored here!

For those feeling less inclined to write in HTML, feel free to use the Setup Role Page Banners on the same Customisation page. Here you can just write some text that will appear as a banner along each user’s TutorCruncher account, much as in the image above I am being reminded I am using a demo of TutorCruncher.

As June progresses

We are currently revamping the way that TutorCruncher sends messages, be they via email or by the upcoming SMS integration. Over the next month, expect to see some exciting news come through from us regarding your ability to access your email analytics and all of the emails that have been sent from your account in TutorCruncher. You will soon have a searchable history of these emails and an overall far improved email performance. Watch this space!

All in all, we are delighted with how May has gone and are eager to continue this positive momentum and move forward. The same cannot be said of Japan where, interestingly, May is known for a strange phenomenon where pupils and professionals have a serious case of the blues for their studies/work. As though that could ever be the case at TutorCruncher! As always, be part of the TutorCruncher conversation by chatting to us through the online chat, social media, or here through our blogs. As always, we will be in touch soon!

Thanks again,

The TutorCruncher Team

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