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 Sam Jenkins
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30 days has September, April, June, and November. The advent calendars are out and the busy festive period is getting going. Not everyone in the TutorCruncher office is the biggest fan of Christmas songs, but I’m sure trying to get at least one carol a day into our workflow! Whilst the days are getting shorter and the temperature dropping (at least for us in the Northern Hemisphere), there is still plenty going on in tutoring. At TutorCruncher, we’ve been busy as always working away to have the system do more and more for you, its users.

This month, we have made some valuable tweaks and improvements to core areas of the system which promise to have a dramatic impact on the amount of time you dedicate to your administration. In that sense, I would argue that the system is both easier to use than one month ago and also more effective with your time. If we can carry on with that trajectory for the foreseeable future then we’ll continue be thrilled with how TutorCruncher contributes to your company’s day-to-day operations. Let’s have a look at what’s new!

Top tip — Client Subscriptions

We recently wrote a blog post all about different billing options available to you in TutorCruncher. One of these, which we have made efforts to streamline this month, is billing through Subscriptions. Subscriptions allow you to set up a list of clients to be billed a set amount each month by generating a series of charges to be created on a specific day of the month, e.g. the 25th. The applications for this can make it an extremely useful tool in your TutorCruncher toolbox, for example:

  • You bill your clients a monthly membership fee
  • Certain clients pay a retainer for their lessons
  • Your clients have group classes which are charged via a flat monthly rate
  • A combination of all of the above!
Set up your subscriptions for your clients’ regular billing

These applications mean Subscriptions can offer excellent utility for a number of tutoring companies. What’s more, setting these up is easier than ever in TutorCruncher. Simply go into Activity > Subscriptions and create a Subscription, specifying:

  • Name — Gold Tier Membership
  • Rate — £100
  • Day of the month for charge generation — 25th
  • Ad Hoc Charge Category (for your income breakdown analytics) — Gold Membership

With that in place, you simply need to add clients to the relevant subscription so that you can create a monthly charge for them. All you will need to then do is draft and raise invoices to bill your clients. It’s an option well worth exploring to save time for a number of company models.

Quick Payments

This month, we added quick payments so that you can take your existing processes and supercharge them, making it require just a few clicks to be able to charge a client by card. By going to a client’s page and clicking ‘Take Quick Payment’, you can create and send and pay an invoice, saving a card to the client’s account, in a matter of seconds!

Click on Take Quick Payment to instantly bill a client

When taking a Quick Payment, you have the option of specifying:

1 Take a payment and generate an invoice


2 Top the client’s account up.

The difference between these is about the kind of charge you want to bill your clients. Option 1 is creating an invoice for a chargeable item such as a registration fee or a tutor finders fee. This is a charge which you want the client to pay, simple as that. Option 2 allows you to top up a client’s account, meaning you can bill a card to give them credit to go towards future lessons. Whichever of these options you select, you can then specify the amount to charge, a description, and whether the client receives a receipt for this quick payment. Once this has been saved, you can then input a card to be billed. The end result: the client has been charged, a card has been saved to their account, all in a matter of seconds!

Have a look at the help site to get a fuller breakdown of how this works and give it a try today! This compresses potentially 4 steps into 1 and is well worth exploring as an option to increase your efficiency.

Job email notifications

We have added a new automated email to allow you to optimise your tutor-student matching process. Our new Job Confirmation emails allow you to notify the tutor(s) and client(s) that their job has been set up in your system to engage with them as to how things will move forward from here.

A principle aim of TutorCruncher is better tutor-student matching. Once you have a job which is set up with the correct users, it makes sense for it to be as easy as possible to share this information with them. Step right up, job confirmation! With this, you can notify the tutor(s) and/or client(s) that the job has been confirmed and exchange the relevant contact details and the scheduling arrangements. That way, your tutors can reach out to the clients to introduce themselves ahead of their first lesson together, and your client can receive confirmation that the best tutor for their needs has been confirmed.

Customise the confirmation emails to introduce your tutors to your clients

But that’s not all! As with every automated email in TutorCruncher, there is customisation available. You can change all of the information which is displayed in this email, as well as include your own custom variables based on custom fields on your job so that you can have TutorCruncher work for your brand. With that in mind, get customising!

Reviews improvements

As part of our continued improvements to reviews, you can now monitor and filter all existing reviews of tutors in one place. Simply head over to Activity > Reviews to take a look! Additionally, we have now implemented the average tutor rating which will show on a tutor’s profile based on the total number of reviewed hours and their rating. For those of you who have been busy sending out those reviews, what better opportunity to dive right in and see how your tutors are rated on average! For those of you who haven’t yet, now seems like an excellent opportunity to begin.

Store an average rating on the tutor’s profile based on the reviews you request

Sexy new settings page

A real favourite in the TC office is the revamped Settings page. Previously, you could either go into your System > Configuration or System > Customisation in order to configure or customise certain areas of TutorCruncher. This distinction didn’t exactly serve to make it easy to work out how to change things, so with that in mind, check out System > Settings!

Search through your settings page to find the correct areas of configuration you require

Everything has now been compressed onto your Settings page, making it easier than ever to action the relevant changes and make your account bespoke to your company’s needs. But that’s not all, as there is now the option to **search **the settings page! Using the search bar at the top of the page, you should be able to easily locate the correct area of the system, whether it is customising lesson reports, editing tax setups, or adding payment integrations.

Gone cold updates

Having taken on feedback from our users, we have decided to add flexibility to the way that the ‘Gone Cold’ job status works. In addition to being able to set the default period for marking a job as cold in your Settings, you can now also set it up on a specific job. That way, if you know that a particular job is more likely to be a slow-burner, you can input a different timeframe for the job to ensure that you only get notifications for the job going cold when you need them.

Additionally, when a job goes cold, you might already know that these create a task for the relevant client manager to follow-up on. These tasks are automatically marked as complete when a job status is changed, and if you want, you can opt out of having these tasks created. In our experience, bigger companies with multiple administrators get great benefit of having tasks created for the relevant client manager, so do what works for you!

Coming soon in TutorCruncher Advent…

There will always be lots of continued tweaks here and there to keep improving how TutorCruncher works for your company. We will be adding steps this month to allow you to automate your review requests, which should be very effective indeed. One of the very exciting things you can expect to see in December is the addition of signing in via Facebook/Google. No more worries about forgotten passwords or email addresses, as you and your users will simply be able to use alternative credentials to easily access your accounts.

As always, stay tuned for more news via the online chat and keep an eye out for us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Have a festive season and we’ll be in touch again before Christmas.

Thanks for reading,

The TutorCruncher Team

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