TutorCruncher October 18 Newsletter

 Fionn Finegan
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Well summer's over and school has begun and we're busier than ever here at TutorCruncher. We've got two fresh new faces, Tomasz as a developer, and myself (Fionn) as a new Head of Sales and Marketing, to help all our clients get stuck in to the new school year.

Of course we've been busy for the last month working to improve TC, so here's a list of the changes we've made.

Calendar & iCal Changes

A new list view!

View your lessons with more details in the list view

We've added a lovely list view for your calendar. Here you can see more details about each lesson in a much easier format including students, tutors and location. Click on each lesson to open them into a new window.

Speed ups

Through various black magic trickery known only to those in this office, the calendar will now show lessons MUCH quicker.

Better iCal data

For those who use an iCal feed for their calendars, there's much more data (location, organizer etc) included.

Calendar information included in emails

Clients can add lessons to their calendar at the click of a button

Lesson reminders and client/tutor confirmation emails now contain handy data that can be added to the calendar by a click of a button.

Telleroo Improvements

More information to come

This is quite a big deal, so we're just giving you a teaser here and there's more information to follow in the week.

US payments, and everything done from within TutorCruncher...

Automatic Invoicing

This is a really cool thing we've wanted to shout about for the past couple of weeks.

Turn on Automatic Invoicing to invoice your clients as soon as the lesson has finished and the lesson report has been filled in. They say cashflow is king, and Automatic Invoicing means you can get paid quickly without having to wait until the end of the month.

Send invoices to your clients as soon as the lesson report has been finished!

See our help docs for more details,

Job Notifications

Job notifications used to be a bit opaque, you'd send the notification and trust that all the right tutors got the right info. Now you can see a live list of tutors as you change your search parameters and even select or deselect tutors to filter it further.

Choose your tutors to send notifications to!

Changed lesson notifications

Cancelled or changed lessons can result in clients or tutors turning up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, if any changes made to a lesson time or location or if it's cancelled, your tutor, client and client managers will all be notified.

Smaller changes

  • The reports list can now be filtered by client manager
  • We've added a Credit Note for an invoice
  • Reports are now exportable
  • A task now can be added to an admin
  • Prospect clients can now make payments
  • Improved Job notifications
  • To help your lead generation efforts hit the ground running, Client Welcome Emails will now be sent to clients when added in the Prospective Client phase.

Bug fixes

  • A bug with showing availability wrongly on a repeating lesson has been fixed
  • Removed deleted users from the Global Accounts page for tutors
  • Editing roles was sending a Welcome Email

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