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You’d be forgiven for wondering where the majority of 2017 has disappeared to. Many of us have powered through the first half-term of the long autumn semester and are now preparing as best we can to make the most of the remainder of the year. Spare a thought for our Australian friends are well and truly in the home stretch of their academic year with the long, well-deserved summer break on its way.

TutorCruncher is, as ever, constantly striving to offer you the tools to make your company’s day to day operations more effective. When we look back at the past few months (and their corresponding newsletters we are thrilled with some of the big improvements that we have made, along with the feedback we have got from companies which use TutorCruncher along with their tutors. We can’t stress enough how useful that feedback is, whether new suggestions or bugs you have noticed, so please keep it coming! For the uninitiated, bug fixing is effectively investigating a crime scene that you yourself may well have created, intentionally or not…

Furthermore, if you’re truly thrilled with everything you have been able to get out of our services so far, then please go right ahead and leave us a splendid review online! Now, let’s recap what we’ve been up to and highlight what you can be doing to maximise your TC account. Below are not just new features, but great new improvements to the user experience to ensure that advanced functionality is always achieved with effective use in mind.

Top Tip of the month — repeating lessons

From listening to user feedback, we have made your process of repeating and adjusting a sequence of lessons much more intuitive and user-friendly than it was previously. There are a couple of areas to highlight here, firstly, editing all of the lessons in a sequence, and secondly, checking the location availability of repeating lessons.

With a lesson in a sequence, by going into the lesson and clicking ‘Edit’ you will now notice a checkbox which says ‘Apply changes to future related appointments’. This means that any changes you have made to the lesson time/name are able to be automatically cascaded to all lessons in the sequence thereafter. For example, if my weekly lesson at 12pm needs to be moved back to 3pm from the third week onwards, I can simply edit the time of week 3’s lesson and cascade those changes with ease.

What’s more is that we have redesigned the repeating functionality to ensure that locations cannot be double booked. When you schedule a lesson at a location and then set this lesson to repeat, TutorCruncher will check if there are any conflicts for the lessons’ location at those times and will notify you accordingly. If, as shown below, I have a room that is not available at a particular time, then you can simply go to Activity > Calendar and use the filters on the right to bring up the lessons at a particular location to get a simple breakdown of your schedule.

Keep on top of your scheduling with ease

Review your Tutors

Lesson reports are your tool to communicate great feedback from your tutors to your clients on how your tutoring is progressing. Now, we offer you a means by which to capture feedback from your clients about the tutors with whom they have worked. Presenting: Reviews.

As an admin, you can now go to a client’s page and click the ‘Request Reviews’ button. If the client has had lessons with a tutor within the past 6 months, then this tutor(s) will be eligible to have a review of their lessons filled in by the client. The client will receive a personalised email with a link they can follow to their review page — they don’t even have to log in! From here, they can leave whatever feedback you want to capture to then have a review stored on the tutor’s profile. It’s as easy as that! For a full breakdown of what you can customise and how to go about doing so, simply head over to the help site.

With this functionality now in place, we will be adding more and more improvements to make it an invaluable tool to your company. We will be exploring automating the review request process, a dedicated page to track and monitor already written reviews, as well as aggregating review scores and lesson hours on a tutor’s profile. This latter point is particularly exciting as it will allow you to track and rate your tutors based directly on client feedback, so stay tuned!

Modal Improvements

There is a lot of useful information available to you when you use some of the many modals in the system. For the uninitiated, a modal is a popover you get when you click a button on TC, for example, when you click on ‘Filter’ when trying to match the best tutor to your student’s needs. However, we felt that this information could be a little easier on the eye, so we went in and made it snazzy. A couple of adjustments later and the modals are now far better looking, with highlighted sections and ergonomic spacing going a long way to making it less taxing to work with. An additional improvement is that on these very modals, you can now filter by a user’s distance from a particular location. It is easier than ever to locate those tutors and clients whose qualities align and who are located nearby!

Broadcast Revamp

Sending targeted and customisable Broadcasts is one of the most simple yet powerful tools you have at your disposal to effectively embed your tutors and your clients in your company. With that in mind, we set about totally rebuilding the Broadcast interface to make it much more intuitive to create, send, and review old broadcasts.

The list view of previous broadcasts was previously overwhelming and difficult to decipher, whereas now, you have a simple breakdown of all of your old broadcasts and when they were last sent. You can also now go into the indivudual broadcast with a simple breakdown of when it was sent, and to whom it was sent with all of the relevant emails listed on the very same page. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3 (4):

  1. Create a beautiful marketing email by going into Communications > Broadcasts

  2. Preview and send your newly created mailshot to the relevant recipients

  3. Edit and resend a new version/review the status of the emails which were sent

  4. (Profit is an implicit final step)

Credit Request Formatting

You know those fabulous formatting options that you can use in Broadcasts and in Job Descriptions? You can now use these in your Credit Requests too! We have made it possible to format the text that will appear on the Credit Request PDF to give your upfront payments a much more professional look. Have a look at our Markdown Guide for some more useful tips on formatting. Additionally, you can also specify the student(s) to whom this Credit Request applies when you create it. To try this out, simply go to Accounting > Credit Requests and click ‘Create’.

Invoices from TutorCruncher

You may have noticed that you now have a much clearer breakdown of your payments to TutorCruncher. If you go into System > Billing you will see that you have a simple summary of what proportion of your usage fee of TutorCruncher has already been paid from transactions processed via the card and direct debit payment gateways. As with all of your company’s operations, your accountants can sleep soundly on our watch.

Until next time

As always, stay tuned for more news via the online chat and keep an eye out for us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Have a great November and we’ll speak again soon, of that I am sure!

Thanks for reading,

The TutorCruncher Team

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