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No sooner were we thinking about our holiday plans during the summer break than September rolled around and the new academic year is in full flow. Needless to say there is abundant enthusiasm to be back in school from students and teachers alike as we go through the gears(!). Things can move quickly though, for example, UK students are likely to already be looking at universities and doing their applications for 2018 entry. How early is too early to think about Christmas…?

September has been an unbelievable month for TutorCruncher. We have been able to roll out multiple big features that we have been working hard on that we think will be really beneficial to you and your company’s use of the system in the long-run. If last month there were lots of user interface improvements, this month TutorCruncher simply does more. The Online Whiteboard is now available for all to use and SMS Notifications are now there for you to take advantage of. If we can show you how TutorCruncher does more then your company can do more too. Let’s dive right into the September Newsletter!

Top Tip of the month — Easy payment processing

Possibly the biggest area to improve your time management with TutorCruncher is in the payment process. Creating and sending a month’s worth of invoices takes minutes, not days, but how about processing your client’s payments? We have found that the most effective way to do so for client and company is by using autocharge for cards and direct debits on file.

Setting up autocharge is easy, you just need to decide on how you want your clients to pay to then set them up with a card or direct debit on their account. Saving a card on file takes seconds, either the admin can save it to the client’s profile or the client can do so on their own dashboard. If you wanted to have a client pay with Direct Debit, then you can request a mandate to do so.

Have your clients save a card or request a direct debit mandate to securely keep on file

When it comes to running your invoicing, you can then see useful labels next to the invoices to say that the client will be automatically charged. A set number of days later, this invoice will automatically be marked as paid when the payment goes through. You can also have your admins get a notification whenever any of these automatic payments go through.

Consider your days of chasing up payments a distant memory, thereby saving time and money.

Automate your tutor payments

Hold on to your hats, because we’re taking tutors payments up a notch. Our new payout integration allows you to use the information on your payment orders to transfer money directly into your tutor’s accounts. Your tutors can save their bank details to their accounts in TutorCruncher which you can then pay into once you have sent out a payment order.

By clicking on ‘Payout’ you can put these bank transfers into a pending status. Then, simply log into your payout account in order to approve all of the pending payment orders to then execute the bank transfer. When one of our users did this for the first time recently, they said, I quote: “I literally can’t believe how easy that was.”

This has massive potential to save your company both time and money. By removing the need to manually enter bank details/amounts to be paid, running your payroll takes minutes and is streamlined. Additionally, the risk of mistakes from manual data entry is also minimised which ensures that you do not have to spend your time remedying mistakes from a misplaced 0 on a bank transfer, or from paying the wrong person…

What’s more is that each payment to a tutor costs you a mere 35p which is extremely competitive compared to business bank account transfer charges. If you wanted to start using the payout integration, then head over to the support site for more information. Whilst this is only currently available for UK-based users, we are hopeful that it will soon be available for international users of TutorCruncher too, so stay tuned for updates!

TutorCruncher Forum

The TutorCruncher Forum is here! The Forum is a resource that is available to you for a number of potential areas:

  • Get tips and tricks on how to get the most out of TutorCruncher

  • Reach out to and connect with other users of TutorCruncher

  • Discuss anything related to TC, tutoring, education

If you wanted to ask us, or anybody else on the forum, go right ahead! We have set it up so that you can log in with your TutorCruncher details to make signing up easy and straightforward. We look forwarding to chatting with you and all our forum users.

Jobs Gone Cold

This month we also introduced the ‘Gone Cold’ status for jobs. This new status is designed to make sure that you, as an admin, will be able to easily keep track of jobs where no lessons have taken place for a certain period. You can configure in your system the amount of time that it takes for a job to go cold to set up what works for you!

Say we have set our inactivity time to 14 days, this means that if no lessons are completed on a job for 2 weeks then I will get a daily notification as an admin that a certain job has gone cold. The client manager for the client on the job will also have a task created for them to follow-up on why a job has not had continued activity.

This way, you will be able to promptly and effectively follow-up with the tutor/client to understand why no lessons have been logged. If the job then needs to be set to finished, or back to ‘In Progress’, then you can do so in order to easily manage your list of jobs and job categories.

Relevant Emails and SMS section

A while ago, we mentioned TutorCruncher Morpheus was part of a big update to the way that we sent emails. Part of this was allow us to do better email and SMS sending, and with that in place, you can now reap the benefits of a change in TC’s inner workings with the new Relevant Emails and SMS section.

That way, when you’re looking at a user’s profile, you will be able to see a list of all of the relevant communications that they have recently received. You hardly need to search through Outbound Emails to see what communication a client has received.

We know lots of you use the lesson repeater for regularly occurring slots. One bit of feedback we got from our users was that once these lessons had been created, it was not immediately clear on how to edit them all without deleting all of the future lessons and recreating them and then you had to do this and don’t forget about doing that too… We concede that it wasn’t the most elegant of approaches. So we took your feedback on board and went about changing things.

Now, you will be delighted to see that you now have the ability to apply changes on one repeating lesson to all future lessons. Simply edit the time of one lesson in the sequence and use the checkbox to apply these changes to all future lessons that are related to the repeating sequence. It’s as easy as that!

Next time on TutorCruncher…

There is yet more exciting stuff on the horizon. We are currently working on a client review functionality which, excitingly, will allow you to capture feedback from your clients based on the lessons that they have had. As always, stay tuned for more and keep an eye out for us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Until next time!

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