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TutorCruncher ProTip: Telleroo is TutorCruncher's really handy tool for paying your Tutors via automatic bank transfer. With a few simple clicks on TutorCruncher, and no fussing around with online banking, account numbers or sort codes, your tutors can all be sent the exact money they are owed. Up until recently Telleroo was a service only available to our UK clients, but as of our recent updates Telleroo can be enjoyed by our clients in the United States also.

For those keen eyed among you, you will have noticed in the September Newsletter released last week that we cannily avoided going into much detail about these new Telleroo changes which we have unveiled recently. Some of you may have been wondering what we were up to, keeping all this juicy new update gossip to ourselves. Well some updates deserve extra special attention above and beyond the honour of the monthly newsletter, and our recent changes made to Telleroo are certainly worthy of that. So let's start off with the news that will have the biggest effect for our respected clients in the good old US of A (all you pre-existing Telleroo users can scroll down a bit for details on how you can now make payouts to tutors fully within the TC platform!).

Much like a long history of migrants before it, TutorCruncher's Telleroo fucntionality arrived at Ellis Island during our most recent batch of updates.
Much like a long history of migrants before it, TutorCruncher's Telleroo fucntionality arrived at Ellis Island during our most recent batch of updates.

Telleroo is Now Available in The United States

A long time in the pipeline and now finally here! There's not too much to say about this one but it's a really exciting time for us and all of our users across the pond. If you're an American who has had trouble operating their payroll system, or if you know any, now has never been a better time to make the move over to TutorCruncher and take the pain out of tutor payouts.

We're hoping to add this to the long list of features aimed at making life easier for our American cousins and that's a list we only see increasing as the months roll on so watch this space for more geographically intruging new developments!

Our good friends and close TC partners over at Telleroo are expanding ever onwards and upwards!
Our good friends and close TC partners over at Telleroo are expanding ever onwards and upwards!

Tutor Payouts can now be Fully Completed from within TutorCruncher itself!

If there's one thing you don't want to take any chances on, it's the security of your bank account. For that reason, we've always played it safe with our Telleroo integration to make sure it was as secure as possible. For our more OG TutorCruncher users out there, you will remember that this formerly involved initiating payouts through TutorCruncher and then logging into your Telleroo account to approve these payouts. Now, thanks to a real feat of techie magic, we have kept those ironclad security benefits but we have enabled all of this to take place within the TutorCruncher platform, so no jumping around between accounts anymore.

How did we acheive this? How do you make use of these brand spanking new feature? I have updated and expanded the area devoted to operating Telleroo recently on our ultra-thorough and informative User Guide which we strongly encourage you to check out here.

Our User Guide is, as ever, the best source of this information for a real platform deep-dive, but for those of you looking for a quick run-through of how to use the newly updated version, here's an overview of how the process has changed:

Introducing TutorCruncher Payout Approvers:

If you have any other trusted admins currently established on your Telleroo account that you want to be able to make those same payouts through TutorCruncher, you will need to set them up as an "Approver". An Approver is able to have the final word, over and above other admins with accounting permissions, on exactly what payments are made to what tutors. Here's the process for setting up a TutorCruncher Payout Approver:

  • If you have set up any fellow administrators on your Telleroo account, the first step is go to go System > Settings > Update Telleroo Approvers. This will link any admins with their corresponding accounts in Telleroo.
  • In order to make a new Payout Approver from within TutorCruncher, simply navigate to People > Administrators and select the admin in question.
  • On That admin's information page, you will see Payout Approver written on the top of the page, with either a tick or a cross beside it. If this shows a tick, this admin is already a Payout Approver. If this shows a cross, this admin is not a Payout Approver.
  • If you would like to edit that admin's Payout Approver status you can click Edit on the top of that page and you will be presented with the option to "Make Payout Approver"; tick this box and this admin will have the ability to Approve any payouts made through Telleroo.

(TutorCruncher ProTip: You cannot make any administrator a Payout Approver if that user does not have a valid mobile phone number attached to their profile. Changing a Payout Approver's mobile number on TutorCruncher will not change their mobile number on Telleroo, this will still need to be updated separately if they are to receive SMS confirmation codes when approving payouts.)

How do we make the Magic Happen?

"Come on, Fionn" I hear you collectively thinking, "when are we gonna get to the good part? We want to know how to start making Telleroo Payouts like a pro". Well your collective patience has been rewarded, here's a rundown of the step-by-step process for paying out to your tutors through TutorCruncher.

  • If a tutor has a valid bank account set up, then there will be an option on the right handside of any Raised Payment Order to "Payout" to that tutor.
  • If you, or any Admin with permissions to Edit Accounting, click "Payout" you will then be asked to confirm the payment for the amount of that Payment Order, to that tutor.
  • You can also perform this on the individual Payment Order itself pay clicking the "Pay" button on the top of the invoice screen. (Please note: anything done this far in the process will still require additional approval before the payment is sent).
  • Once those Payment Orders have been marked for payment, an user who has been added as a "Payout Approver" will be able to approve these payouts (for details on how to set up a Payout Approver, see "How do I set up a Payout Approver?" below).
  • A Payout Approver will be shown an option to approve those payouts by clicking a button on the top of the Raised Payment Orders screen marked "Approve".
  • Once the relevant Payment Orders have been marked for approval, the Approver will be given the option to Approve a single payout, or Approve All.
  • Upon clicking Approve/Approve All the Approver will be brought to a confirmation window which will send an SMS verification code to the list of available approvers assigned to that account.
  • When the Approver receives and enters that SMS verification code in the box provided and clicks Confirm, payment will be sent out from the Telleroo account to all tutors whose payouts have been approved.

And it's all as simple as that.

That's our big news for the time being, time to settle into full swing of another month of exciting new updates. Keep your eyes peeled for the updates coming through in our October 2018 Newsletter, coming soon to a browser window near you!

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