5 Tips to make sure your online tutoring job is legitimate in 2021

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 Paula Antalffy

With most tutoring now taking place virtually, finding an online tutoring job and teaching online is easier now than ever. Furthermore, with online teaching tools creating interactive learning spaces for students, you can often engage students even better than in person! However, with this ease comes a new challenge, job legitimacy. That is why we have compiled a list of useful tips to help you find legitimate online tutoring jobs!

Here are a few easy steps you can take to make sure your online tutoring job is legitimate:

  1. Thoroughly research the opportunity.

  2. Talk to your fellow colleagues within the tutoring community.

  3. Find third party verification.

  4. Understand your job contract fully.

  5. Be pragmatic!

Read on to learn more about each of these steps!

1. Do some research the opportunity 

One of the great things about doing tutoring online is you can easily find reviews from other tutors and clients on a company. If your online teaching job is with a company you can easily google ‘Company X reviews’. Chances are you will come across reviews from other tutors or past employees of the company which can help shed some light on the business you are planning to join.

Another great way to gage the legitimacy of a job is to look up a company website or blog. There are a number of simple things you can check to make sure a website is legitimate. There include:

  1. Check the website's contact page: Double checking that the company’s address matches with the job listing or their Google Maps address can help verify the company’s location.
  2. Look at the company’s email address: If a company is well established and legitimate, they will most likely have an email address containing their own domain. A big red flag with website legitimacy is a company using generic email address (e.g.: x@gmail.com or x@apple.com

Here is a useful article with more tips on how to spot a fake website.

2. Talk to others in your teaching community

One of the best ways to verify the legitimacy of a tutoring job is to talk to other tutors in your community. Find a forum, or Facebook group where you can ask others about their experience with a company. This can also help find companies who may have unfair penalty systems or who don’t treat their contractors well.

If you aren’t part of a tutor community groups here are a few places you can look:

  1. If you are joining a specific company they often have a Facebook group for members. Get in touch with a company admin to find out more.
  2. For freelance tutors you can also often find Facebook groups. Chances are doing a little bit of research will help you find a group.
  3. Look on Reddit. Subreddits just like Facebook groups are dedicated to a specific topic or interest. Therefore you will likely find one which fits your situation perfectly!
Woman wearing a mask showing information on an interactive whiteboard.
Woman wearing a mask showing information on an interactive whiteboard.

3. Look for third party verification.

If you want to really make sure the reviews you are reading have been verified, try finding them on trusted sites such as Glassdoor, TrustPilot or Google. Trusted review sites like these will double check things written on their site to make sure they are legitimate. 

Alternatively you can also look for third party sites such as other established businesses endorsing a company. Look for content such as collaborative blog posts or a company directory where they are featured. For example, TutorCruncher’s Find a Tutor listing service gives you dozens of companies!

4. Read and understand your contract or any terms and conditions

If you have already been hired by a company make sure you read through their terms and conditions or any contract you are asked to sign thoroughly. If you do not understand any of the terms, feel free to get in touch with the company and clarify. 

Here are a few things you should check before signing a contract.

5. Be pragmatic 

It can be easy to get really excited about a great job prospect. However you should make sure the opportunity isn’t too good to be true. Sometimes going with your gut feeling about a job will likely save you from being scammed.

 Here are a few ideas about what you should stay mindful of when looking for new tutoring opportunities:

  • Are the qualifications on the job appropriate? 
  • How does the job’s pay compare to average tutor pay?
  • Is the interview process thorough? 
  • If you are working with children, are there certain safely measures in place? (e.g.: background checks etc.)

Get out there, and find a great job!

Above all else it is important to remember that with each new job you get hired for, you are unlocking exciting new challenges and becoming a better tutor. Even if you job you find end up being face, don't be discouraged, there are plenty of more opportunities right around the corner!

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