How Do I Choose the Right Tutoring Software for Me?

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 Fionn Finegan
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Firstly, you are asking the right question by looking for a software to help you handle the administrative workload.

Admin costs scale up astronomically when expanding a tutoring company, to a much greater extent than other industries.

It's not feasible to stay on Excel docs forever and continue to turn a profit, as so many try to do.

That leaves you with one question; What Tutoring Software should I use?

Well, let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Choosing a tutoring software can be a stressful experience.
Choosing a tutoring software can be a stressful experience.

What People Mean when they say Tutoring Software:

Essentially, there are two avenues you can go down when discussing Tutoring Software.

You can discuss online learning platforms (think video chat, online whiteboards and sharing links and teaching a class online) or you can discuss Business Management Platforms for tutoring companies (think day-to-day organisation, on-boarding clients, matching tutors with students, scheduling classes, billing clients and paying out to tutors).

As much as companies are generally one or the other, there are also those that span the gap to greater or lesser extents.

Which Kind Should You Go For:

Of course, both of these solutions have their place in any tutoring business.

Although, while online learning platforms get a lot of talk about them for online tutoring, it is the Business Management Platforms which really add a lot more value to a company’s bottom line, regardless of whether they are online or face-to-face.

Managing a tutoring company is very fiddly work, particular as the operations begin to scale, the majority of tutoring companies to whom I have spoken have actually had very little issue finding clients (tutoring services are always in demand - who doesn't want their child to have the best education they can get?), the challenge really arises when company owners can't keep up with the administrative workload as their company scales.

Admin work hours are a massive overhead for companies in the tutoring industry, far more so than in other industries.

For that reason I would advise that any tutoring company, face-to-face or online, should begin looking into a Business Management Platform first, that’s where you can really start improving business margins.

What Business Management Software is the Best?

In general terms, what you should want from your software is full functionality to allow for three things:

  • User on-boarding, access and communication
  • Scheduling and operations
  • Billing and payout

Beyond that functionality it's all about you and how the software can accommodate and/or improve your business process.

Tutoring companies in particular have a lot of different options for how they do business (Do you bill in arrears or take pre-payment? Do you match you tutors and students with a personal touch or make jobs available for application to your clients and tutors? I could go on.) That means it's all about finding the fit that's right for you.

You want something that's very personal, and that still has the flexibility to accommodate your particular requirements.

Finally, and arguably most importantly, it really needs to be scalable. You need to be sure that you can stick with your software all the way, the last thing you want is to have to switch over to a new business management software in the middle of a busy period with massive growth just because your old system can't handle it anymore.

TutorCruncher ticks all the right boxes for Tutoring Business Management Software - alongside an integrated online learning platform!
TutorCruncher ticks all the right boxes for Tutoring Business Management Software - alongside an integrated online learning platform!

Can You be More Specific?

Needless to say, I wouldn't be telling you these things are important if I didn't also know that they are what TutorCruncher can provide.

At the risk of preaching to the converted here; TutorCruncher is really the best fitted to the blend of fitting individual business requirements and being an in-depth, high functionality software.

It enables you to run your business how you want to run it and still provides the support of a complete management system.

And the cherry on top? Remember those online learning platforms? Well we have one of those too, integrated straight into TutorCruncher, all as part of the one package. What's not to love?

I hope I have been of a little help in framing a difficult and important decision for you to make about how you progress with your business. If you would like any further advice, or even if you just feel like a chat, you can always reach me at

Look forward to hearing from you!

We build business management software for tutoring companies. Whether you are a small team or an established company, we can help you give your clients a 5-star service while spending less time on administration.

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