How Rapid Prototyping can help online tutoring businesses

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 Varshneya Rahul
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The technological advancements have reshaped the way in which every industry function and the education and learning sector is no more an exception to this trend. Earlier, tutors use to meet students face-to-face for giving learning sessions. But the contemporary digital age has given birth to a new form of tutoring which happens online.

The realm of online tutoring is specifically beneficial for increasing workplace productivity as it can be used by business managers to train his employees even those who are located at remote places and make them capable to perform their jobs efficiently and increase the level of their output.

According to Medium, in the US market of online tutoring has a total worth of around $132 million and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6%. In spite of this excellent growth rate, the majority of online tutors are unable to leverage the maximum potential of these platforms. What could be the reason behind this? Let’s find out.

What’s The Major Driving Force Behind Successful Online Tutoring?

In order to give instructions digitally to students, online tutors need different tools and software solutions specifically designed to make the learning experience seamless with the help of the internet and computers.

These tools comprise online learning platforms such as online whiteboards and video chats as well as the comprehensive Business Management Solutions for online tutoring businesses. These systems help them in getting clients, performing tedious administrative tasks, scheduling sessions, finding best tutors for students, billing, etc. for making sure to keep their sales pipeline brimming with quality leads, managed through the sales CRM for small businesses.

Choosing the right management solution for your online tutoring business can be a nightmare. There are several app builders available in the market to help you with this task but it’s advisable to switch to custom development and work with a professional partner to create a tailored solution that suits specific requirements of your business.

The process of building the best custom-fit software can be extremely challenging for an online tutorial entrepreneur. But it can be made easier with rapid prototyping which is the process of creating functional mockups of the end product and using them to gather feedback from early users and investors in order to make the final version more efficient and reliable.

This process is benefitting each and every sector but considering the future scope let’s look at the five major ways in which this process can help online tutoring businesses.

1. Seamless Testing & Modification By Identifying Design Pitfalls In Early Stages

Rapid prototyping gives you an opportunity to test different variations of the raw idea and find what works best for your business. Also, it helps you in spotting errors and bugs in the initial stages and making necessary modifications in order to fix them.

You can not only make instant changes to your prototype but also get feedback easily to improvise the next version. Rapid prototyping or strategic roadmapping clarifies the concept and make sure that the entrepreneur has a full-proof plan for seamless development of an efficient management system that is a perfect fit for his online tutoring business.

2. Quick Customization & Reduced Risks

Prototyping allows you to develop tailored designs without incurring heavy expenses and hence lets you save a lot of money. It’s easier to add a few features and eliminate the unwanted ones from your prototypes in order to get a better end product.

In addition to quick customization rapid prototyping also gives a chance to minimize the risks associated with the development process. It’s because when prototyping you as well as the technical team has access to more information on product design and functionality.

This information makes you as well as key stakeholders feel more confident about product design and usability. Also, it solves doubts and assures digital tutoring entrepreneurs that the further development process can be accomplished successfully with minimum risk.

3. Avoid Delays & Minimize Waste

With the help of rapid prototyping, you can speed up the whole development process and create precise functional prototypes that can be launched and tested in the market soon. This allows online tutoring businesses to access better solutions at an extremely fast rate.

Rapid prototyping also helps you in utilizing resources only when there is a genuine requirement. Also, it ensures that the prototype is optimized for superior performance and efficiency before embarking into the mass production process. It facilitates minimum waste production and smart utilization of resources available.

Prototyping allows you to develop tailored designs without incurring heavy expenses and hence lets you save a lot of money.
Prototyping allows you to develop tailored designs without incurring heavy expenses and hence lets you save a lot of money.

4. Optimum User Participation & Involvement

Being an online tutoring platform you will be developing solutions for your end users who are tutors and students. Rapid prototyping allows you to create working models of your end products that these users can interact with and give their honest feedback.

It will give a sense of involvement to the users and make them feel important enough to access the intricate details of the product design and functionality. You will improvise the solution in accordance with their suggestions which will make them feel that they are your priority.

5. Maximizing Profits

Rapid prototyping is the process which facilitates tactile interaction of users with your online tutoring solution. It ensures that the product meets their specific needs and convinces entrepreneurs that it will work best with their business and let them streamline and automate complex processes.

The tutoring system will also help your tutors and students to participate in successful learning sessions and make the experience valuable. Also, these solutions will streamline the workflow and let you get more clients that will enhance the bottom line for your business and improve the profit margins.

In a nutshell, rapid prototyping can be a tool with which you can get reliable business solutions that can help you manage things efficiently and taking your venture to the next level. Just you need to be a little bit cautious in planning the development process and hiring the right partner for building scalable products.

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