How to Continue Tutoring During COVID-19?

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Updated  Paula Antalffy
How to Continue Tutoring During COVID-19?

The COVID-19 epidemic has impacted everyone's lives drastically over the last few weeks. With an increasing number of countries choosing to implement nationwide lockdown, every single person's day-to-day life has been touched.

As a business owner this can be an especially difficult time. If you have a well established business doing face-to-face tutoring, the sudden need to transition your lessons online can be difficult. However, this should not deter you. With over 300 million children's education being disrupted by coronavirus, online tutoring is more vital than ever.

We at TutorCruncher are here to help you make that transition to online tutoring as smooth as possible! In this blog article we will run you through some of the key steps and considerations you should think about.

Getting Started

If you are already running your business using TutorCruncher, the transition will not be too tricky from offline to online tutoring, the main changes will just be decisions about using an online whiteboard. You can read a bit more about this in the next section of this article!

What if I am new to TutorCruncher?

For those who are just trying our software for the first time, there are a number of resources you can use to familiarise yourself. Here are just a few ways you can get to know our system a little better:

  1. Watch our product demonstration, which takes you through the basic ins-and-outs of the entire system.
  2. Take a look at our user guide which answers 100s of queries about our software.
  3. Feel free to get in-touch, using the bottom right hand corner chat box about any issues you might have.

To start using TutorCruncher you can sign-up for a free 2 week trial, and do not need to enter any card information. Click here to sign up!

Top Tip: The system comes preloaded with demo data. We recommend having a play around with this account to begin with, as it can help you get a better understanding of how the system works once some tutors have been added and some lessons have been scheduled.

How to Continue Tutoring During COVID-19?

Utilising an Online Learning Space

One of the most essential parts of running an online tutoring business is having an accessible platform you can use to set-up lessons. Studies have found that having two-way interaction between a tutor and student can help increase learning success. Furthermore, having the ability to discuss new topics, can allow learners to organise their thoughts better, and reflect on their ideas. Whether this interaction is over a video call, or chat having someone to guide learning will mean children get the most out of tutoring experiences.

Nevertheless, like other areas of transitioning your business, it can be difficult to know what options are out there, and what the pros and cons of each of them.

So what are my options?

The TutorCruncher software comes with a default integrated whiteboard called BitPaper. BitPaper offers a 14 day free trial which you can use to explore their features and how they can work with TutorCruncher. To find out more about BitPaper, and their pricing, please visit:

TutorCruncher also allows you to integrate with a number of other whiteboards using our Single-Sign-On feature. This allows you to access your whiteboard account directly from TutorCruncher.

If you would like more information about our options for online tutoring integrations you can find out more here.

How to Continue Tutoring During COVID-19?

Tips for Acquiring New Customers

As most people are self-isolating it can be difficult to know how you can get the word out about your tutoring agency. If you are new to the tutoring industry it can be even more difficult. However, while people are spending more time indoors, this does not mean they are spending less time online. Having an easy to navigate website, where potential customers can browse your services and tutoring can be a very simple way to acquire new customers.

So how can I make my website more user friendly?

Be contactable: Making sure that you include appropriate contact information on your website will help potential customers know how to reach you. A great way to give customers this ability is through an enquiry form.This allows them to message you directly from your website.

Contact forms also allow you to get a better overview of future clients. With geocoded location integration you are able to get an instant view of what region of the world your potential customers are from. This can also help identify growing markets.

Top tip: while having more information about your customers can be very useful, statistics show that the more fields you have in your enquiry form, the less likely users will complete it.

Be navigable: Ease of use and navigation is a make or break factor of your website. If you are trying to gain new clients, the ability to search through your services is key. If users are able to find their way around your website easily, they are more likely to stay for longer.

It really doesn't have to be that hard! Website design can be made far more simple through the use of Tutor Management Software website integration, such as the TutorCruncher Socket. This can be utilised to list tutors, available lessons, and allow your potential client's to get in touch with you with the click of a button. Making your customer journey easier, means giving your business more chances to gain new business.

Top Tip: If you want to have a better look at how our TutorCruncher Socket works, you can take a look at our example website, DinoTutors by following this link.

Don't forget about safety

While the transition to the online tutoring doesn't have to be difficult, it is important to remember to keep all your tutors and clients safe. If you or someone you know is feeling unwell be sure to follow the NHS's advice which you can find here.

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If you want to learn more about tutoring online, you can read some of our other blogs here.

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