New Year’s Marketing Resolutions - SEO or not?

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 Mark Biggins
Managing a tutoring agency Marketing

As children head back to school and parents head back to work, it’s a chance for tutoring agencies to take stock and think about their marketing approach. Whilst on-the-ground marketing via word-of-mouth, industry events, school outreach, etc. can certainly effective, most companies dream about sweeping up the most customers who put generic search terms into google and then click down the links at the top of the results. From that point, a nice site which is professional and easy to use becomes important to turn searches into sale, but unless you are in the top 5 or at least front page, your business will be limited to those people who already know about your company and search for it specifically.

TutorCruncher's Profile Completion for Tutors
TutorCruncher's Profile Completion for Tutors

The difference is between a website as portal/window for a traditional business which essentially exists off-the-web, and a website which IS your business. The market is crowded and SEO optimization requires investment and strategic planning so the first thing is to either commit to SEO or not. Being on page 4 or page 2 is unlikely to make any difference to the profile or your website; being on the front page or top 5 is likely to transform your traffic and sales. So the first lesson is, go big or go home - with SEO, it’s front page or die. Good SEO optimization is not entirely straightforward and you might want to contract a specialist to look at your site but it is important for website owners to understand some of the basics. This guide is an excellent starting point for SEO novices.

The earlier you become SEO sensitive the better - generating content in an SEO-aware way is much more efficient than paying expensive contractors to work backwards and try and upsell a site you’ve already built.

There is no shame in abandoning your SEO and just building a site that will impress those who seek you out. As we’ve said on this blog before, tutoring agencies are straddling the boundaries of traditional and e-commerce business. Either route is fine, but this New Year take stock (and control) of the identity of your business.

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