Online Whiteboard

Get into online tutoring

Online tutoring is here with TutorCruncher, whether you are already offering online tutoring, have thought about it but never got round to exploring it, or are as yet unaware of its huge potential. You and your tutors can conduct their lessons with students via the system with a slick, powerful, and user friendly whiteboard platform that they access through TutorCruncher.

With online tutoring, there’s now no reason for your tutors to lose out on clients who travel over summer, or else live in remote locations that your tutors might normally be unable to travel to. We’ve had companies report as much as a 40% increase in total sales through focussing on online tutoring.

An Integrated Online Whiteboard

The online whiteboard gives your tutors and students a powerful and rich learning environment. You can connect with your students via audio and video, screen shot and paste anything into the whiteboard, and save and store content on your account to share refer to at a later stage. You can even export anything you have written on the whiteboard at the end of a lesson as a PDF.

Great for tutors, great for students

For those who are already sold on online tutoring, using the integrated whiteboard and the functionality it offers is a no brainer. This also provides an easily accessible opportunity for your company and your tutors to branch out into an exciting a lucrative area of tutoring.

The tutor gets to access a wider range of students without being limited by travel, as well as using the convenience of tutoring online to effectively increase their hourly rate. The student gets a richer learning experience with a wider range of high-quality tutors to work with. With the whiteboard integrated with your use of TutorCruncher, it’s a real win-win for all!

Streamlined experience with TutorCruncher

TutorCruncher provides SSO to access the online whiteboard, meaning that once your tutors and students are logged in to TutorCruncher they can access their personal online whiteboard account directly from within the system.

Simply go to the particular lesson to launch the online whiteboard and you will be automatically taken into an online classroom in order to connect with other users on that lesson. It’s simple, streamlined, and an incredibly effective learning tool.