How to Optimize Your Tutoring Agency's Blog

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In a digital age where everyone’s obsessed with SEO, we often forget to put our blog readers’ experiences at the forefront of our efforts. How engaged are your blog readers with your content? Would you like them to be more so? Here are our top tips for optimizing your tutoring agency’s blog for your audience.

Target Your Content

Whereas keywords are undoubtedly important for search engine rankings, you also want to ensure that your content is relevant enough to your readers to get them to stick around. The best approach to targeting your content is to offer as much value to your readers as possible. What will they be interested in reading about? What is everyone in your industry dying to know? If you can tap into what the tutoring industry really wants to read about, then you’ll ensure people keep coming back for more.

Enable Easy Navigation

There’s nothing more off-putting than a blog that’s difficult to navigate around. Make sure that your blog is filterable by categories so that people can easily find the types of articles that they’re looking for. It’s also a good idea to have a search bar implemented into your blog so your readers can search for posts by keywords and phrases. Perhaps most importantly for bounce rates, having related articles on your blog can encourage people to read beyond your first article, which means they’re more likely to stick around to fulfil your website’s calls to action.

Allow Social Sharing

Every blog should be active on social media websites. In the tutoring industry, some social platforms work more effectively than others so it can help to spend some time determining which sites will be most effective for your agency. In any case, your audience will likely be active on sites that you’re not, so you should enable the option for your posts to be shared on those sites too. With more and more people now active on social media than ever before, you’re missing a trick if you aren’t optimizing your blog for social platforms.

Use Effective Calls to Action

There’s a reason that your tutoring agency has its own blog. Above all else, it’s to promote your services. It’s important to make sure that your blog posts have calls to action that signpost your readers to get in touch with you or to ask questions about what you can offer. These can be contained within the blog posts themselves, or in the side bar of your navigation menu. Including a contact form underneath your blog categories or search bar clearly shows your readers what you want them to do once they’ve visited your blog pages.

What techniques have you employed to optimize your tutoring agency’s blog? Which methods do you find most effective in engaging with your readers? Are there any points that you’d add to this post? We’d be keen to hear your thoughts.