Review Tutors

Capture great client feedback

It is invaluable to get feedback from your clients on their lessons so that you can continue to improve your services. Additionally, people are usually very happy to leave a positive review if you ask! TutorCruncher is here to make sure that capturing that doing so is a breeze for company and client.

Request a review of your tutors

As an admin you can select a client to send a review request. You can type in a personalised message for the client to indicate the type of feedback which your company is looking for. You can even request multiple reviews at the same time for different tutors as long as the client has had lessons with the tutor(s).

The client will then receive an email link to fill in the reviews without ever having to log in, making it as smooth an experience as possible.

Average tutor ratings

With multiple clients reviewing your tutors, your tutors will have an average tutor rating on their profile that factors in the ratings they have received as well as the number of hours for which they have been reviewed.

You can refer to and compare your average tutor ratings to get a clear picture as to who your clients feel is delivering the best quality of service. Data is the most valuable resource for business and this gives you a great breakdown of the quality of your tutors.

Customise your reviews

By default, your reviews will contain a star rating field and a section for the client's to write some feedback. But why stop there? Using TutorCruncher's sophisticated custom field settings, you can totally customise the content of the review structure.

You can add a dropdown field, structure series of questions, change the star rating to be out of 10, and more! You can make these fields optional or mandatory, it is totally up to you in terms of the level of customisation you want to achieve on your reviews.

Feedback is your tool for growth

Capturing feedback from your clients is essential to improving the quality of your tutors. If the review offers areas for improvement then these can be worked on, and if the feedback is fantastic then your tutors know that they will be recognised for providing consistent high quality lessons.

With TutorCruncher's lesson reports sending regular feedback to parents and feedback coming in about tutors, you will have a streamlined and scalable means to keep on top of everything that is going on with your company's services and act on areas where they can be improved.