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Learning Data Analytics is not tough, Starting is Tough! Business Analytics is a simple must have for any company that wishes to grow. You need to be able to see both short and long term progress; making decisions without this powerful information could be disastrous.

TutorCruncher helps you not only run your business effectively, but grow it going forward. Collecting and analysing data on how the business runs is essential for this, and takes time and insight.

TutorCruncher gathers information and converts them to easy to read graphs and visual data.

learn how TutorCruncher strong analytics can improve your business
learn how TutorCruncher strong analytics can improve your business

As well as displaying your cash flow, with monthly breakdowns on income, revenue, expenses, tax and more, TutorCruncher can give you a breakdown of what subjects bring in the most money, or how each client manager is doing, or even what tutors are teaching what hours.

This means you can quickly see what tutors, students, lessons, clients are the most profitable and on the downside where you lose money. You can adjust your strategy based on what works the best for you.

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We build business management software for tutoring companies. Whether you are a small team or an established company, we can help you give your clients a 5-star service while spending less time on administration.

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