TutorCruncher Socket

List your tutors on your website

TutorCruncher Socket is a powerful feature that makes it easy for you to list tutors and their public profiles from within your TutorCruncher database on your company's website. To get an impression of what Socket can do check out our test website here.

Clients view a customisable tutor profile

Introduce your tutors and their skills to your clients. You can customise the information in the tutors' public profiles with Custom Fields to display all the information you want your potential clients to see.

Improve SEO

Increasing traffic to your website and putting more content online will lead to better search engine results for your company.

Your website appearing on the first page of search results will attract more potential clients to your site and help you grow your business.

Automatic Job creation and tutor assignment

When a client requests a tutor, Socket can automatically create a new job with the tutor assigned to it in TutorCruncher. Automatic Job creation saves you valuable time by reducing the need for manual tutor-student matching.

Clients request tutors

Socket allows your clients to contact and request a tutor directly on your website. In this case, the client enquiring will be automatically created as a Prospect Client in your TutorCruncher database. In addition, a new Job can be created and administrators receive an email with the client's details.

Embed a customisable enquiry form

Encourage potential clients to contact you by embedding an enquiry form on your website. Customise the form with Custom fields to request the information you need from clients. Checkout the different types of enquiry forms you can use with Socket here and here.

Approve tutors and any profile changes before they are shown

You can be sure that the information displayed on your website is proper and correct with TutorCruncher's Profile Approval system.

Only the tutors you approve for Socket will be shown, and any changes made to their profiles will have to be accepted by you before they are shown on your website.