Why Your Tutoring Agency Needs a Blog

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So, your tuition agency has a website and explains all your services. You even use social media to attract more customers. But how do you rank in search engines? One way to improve your agency’s visibility online is to create a blog . It’ll help drive traffic to your site and improve your conversion rates too. Here are our top reasons for adding a blog to your agency’s website.

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Improves Your Website’s Search Rankings

By regularly posting articles on your website, you’ll be continually optimizing your site for important keywords that relate to the private tuition industry. By carrying out a little keyword research, you’ll discover which terms people search for most often in the industry. You can then craft your blog articles around these keywords, paying particular attention to your headlines and the first 160 characters of your posts. The more articles you publish on your site, the more chance there’ll be of people finding your agency through Google and other search engines, which improves your chance of converting visitors into paying customers. If your website is based in a specific local area, make sure your keywords include local place names to help target your audience better.

Keeps Your Customers Up to Date

A blog is a great way to keep your customers informed of what your agency has been up to. It gives students and parents an opportunity to connect with you using the comments section of your blog. Think of your blog as a weekly newsletter where you write about your achievements, future plans the tuition industry in general. By making regular blog posts, you’ll show people that you take an active interest in the industry and that your agency is constantly innovating and evolving. Remember, people are more likely to use the services of a company they trust, and a blog is a great way to establish this.

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Shows Your Skills and Expertise

Before students use your tuition agency, they’ll want to know that your company knows what it’s doing. By posting industry-related content on your blog, you have the opportunity to show your knowledge and expertise. Considering that you’re in the education industry, you’ll want to teach your blog readers things they didn’t know about the industry or a particular subject. If people feel they have already learned something from your agency just from reading your blog, then they’ll be more likely to arrange lessons with you. Perhaps you have a unique way of teaching a particular subject or a strong opinion on how a particular topic should be taught? Your blog is the perfect place to share your opinions and ideas on education.

Helps Establish Your Brand

Given how competitive the private tuition industry is, there’s a good chance that you’re not the only tutoring agency in your local area. You can use your blog as a way of making your agency stand out from the crowd and establish your brand as an industry authority. How do you differentiate your agency from your competitors? How is your image different from other agencies? These factors can be established through the articles you post on your website. Branding is an important part of any business and blogging is one of the most effective ways to establish yours.

In what ways do you think your agency would benefit from having a blog? Perhaps you already have one? What type of posts to do you make? How often do you publish new content? We’d be interested to hear what advice you might have for other agencies that have yet to make their first blog post.