What does the UK's National Lockdown mean for schools?

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Updated  Paula Antalffy

The UK government has announced the country's third national lockdown. This lockdown, which will begin on January 6th 2021 will impose restrictions similar to those originally introduced in March of 2020.

This new lockdown will also include school closures. We wanted to publish a quick blog of simple FAQs to clear up confusion regarding what you should expect in the coming weeks/months.

What does the new national lockdown mean for students?

As of January 5th 2021, all primary and secondary schools, as well as collages will be closed in the UK. This means all students will return to remote learning for the foreseeable future.

Certain groups of children are exempted from this school close. This includes those whose parents are essential workers and vulnerable children.

The government has assured that at-home learning in the coming weeks will be approached in a more systematic way, than during the original lockdown at the beginning of March 2020. By creating a more well planned road map for schools, they hope to provide more effective online schooling for all children.

When will schools reopen?

The UK government plans to review the effect of the lockdown on January 18th, and hope to be able to reopen schools at some point in February.

Will mock GCSE and A-level exams be taking place?

No. Contrary to previous guidance, national mock exams will no longer be taking place. Due to the steep rise in COVID-19 cases across the country, the government has decided to cancel mock exams.

Will GCSE and A-level exams be taking place?

No. Again, unlike previously stated, the UK government has cancelled GCSE and A-level exams. The government has acknowledged that due to school closures students would not be able to perform in national exams adequately and fairly.

How will GCSE and A-level grades be predicted?

The procedure for how GCSE and A-level grades will be predicted is still under review.

As the situation surrounding school closures and the UK's national lockdown are continually changing, we suggest keeping up to date with latest government guidance, through official sources such as their website.

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