How to Generate Publicity for Your Tuition Agency

Creating publicity for your business is far more cost effective than paying for advertising and far less time consuming than other forms of marketing. A positive story in the right publication, whether in print or online, can really help spread the word about your tutoring agency and help attract new parents and students. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you on your way creating a buzz around your brand.

Find Your Positioning

Before creating a news story, it’s important that you know where your position in the tuition industry is. Are you a market leader? Or a brand new start-up? Perhaps you’re already known for something in particular that will help you align yourself for your pitch. Wherever your agency fits in to the bigger picture, your position will have a direct influence on the type of story angle that you create to send to your contacts. Will it be a case of local businessman done good? Or high flyer takes tuition to a new level? To help find your current position in the market, it can help to speak to some of the students or parents who use your services beforehand to gather their thoughts on how they view your agency.

Identify Your Target Market

Successfully generating publicity is all about approaching the right people. You should already have a list of contacts in place that you plan to approach with your news story. Journalists, education bloggers and other industry professionals are all useful contacts to have on your list. Make sure that you’re pitching at the right level too. Finding the right kind of journalist or blogger to send your pitch too can be tricky so make sure you do some research on the kind of stories they usually follow beforehand.

Develop Story Angles

This is the part where you get to tell the world about your achievements. Generating news ideas isn’t as difficult as a lot of people think. Your tutoring agency doesn’t necessarily have to have achieved something spectacular for it to be newsworthy. Perhaps you had a record year with your students’ exam results, or maybe a member of your staff was nominated for a special award for their expertise? Whatever news story you have, make sure that you give it a unique angle. Perhaps your tuition agency was the first to be nominated for an award? Or maybe your agency has only been operating for a short while?

Send Your Pitch

Pitching your story is the most difficult step in generating publicity for your tuition agency. However, if you’ve followed the steps above, then creating interest in your story shouldn’t be too difficult. Whether you’re delivering your pitch in writing, in person or by email, it’s important to get the right balance of persuasion. You don’t want to sell your pitch too hard or your contacts might think that you’re overselling because you have a weak story. Sometimes, it’s best just to let them decide for themselves whether they think your story is relevant to their readers.