How to Improve your Email Marketing

It has been proven that email marketing can be a successful way to contact your client in order to increase your sales. However, you need to use it correctly.

If you want your email marketing to work efficiently, then you need to make sure you are using the right approach. This means you need to use an email marketing tool to create effective emails and target the most appropriate audience. Understanding the engagement metrics of your emails is an important step to improving your approach and comparing your results to the industry benchmarks can help you decide if a change of approach is required.

Find five tips to help you improve your email marketing below:

Do Not Be Spammy

Nobody likes receiving spam email. If your email marketing looks like spam, then your consumers will undoubtedly delete them without even reading them. You need to know what your customers want to see, what they are interested in and send it to them. About 69% of email account holders judge an email as spammy just by reading the subject line. So you need to focus on this part as much as on the rest of your email. Emails with personal subject line increase their chance to be opened by 22%.

Be concise

When you write your email you should choose your words very carefully. Try to keep your subject line within 10 characters; these are likely to have an open rate of 58%. You can also try to use appropriate buzzwords such as New, Alert, Bulletin or Sale. These words usually attract the attention of your consumer and they will be more willing to check it. Nearly half of all emails are opened on mobile devices. This is another reason to be succinct in your wording, especially in the subject line.

Vary your content

Few consumers are really interested in a full block text email. So make sure to add other content apart from just words such as pictures or videos. These are known to work well and you can even add a share button and try to increase your social media engagement.

Ensure your message can be opened

You can build the perfect marketing emails but if your readers can not open them, all the effort is pointless. Nowadays, emails are not only read on computers or laptops but also on smartphones and tablets. The point here is not to forget that emails meant for computers may not be opened correctly on mobile platforms. So you need to make sure your email design can be read on every platform so you will not miss part of your target audience. Today 48% of emails are opened via mobile devices, but only 11% are optimized for them. And more important, 69% of users delete emails which are not optimized for mobiles.

Keep your email list trimmed

The content of an email marketing is not the only thing that make it successful. It also depends on your email list. Lists with 10% or more unknown users have less than half of their emails delivered. If you delete any account on your email list which has not engaged with your messages in over a year, you will increase your delivery rate. This will instantly increase your delivery rate by 3 to 5% on average so it is worth doing regularly.