Introducing: TutorCruncher’s Dashboard 2.0 (and more)

 Tom Hamilton Stubber
CRM Technology

As you know, we’re always looking at ways to improve, and after lots of deliberation, we thought you all deserved to see a better dashboard. One that shows you important information about the state of your business, rather than a slightly pointless, though aesthetically pleasing and quite cool, map of where your users where.

There was a lot of debate on what these important numbers included, and we settled on knowing your revenue, both short term and long term, and seeing how busy you are.

Here we give you a quick breakdown of the most important revenue figures for the short term.

You can see how your revenue looks for the past 7 and 28 days, as well as a comparison against the same time period previously. You’re also shown the total amount you’ve invoiced this year with how much you have yet to invoice, and the amount and date of your next Stripe Payout.

The Revenue over Time graph has been revamped to give you a better view over the past 6 months on a per week basis, the figures will now update immediately rather than relying on you generating invoices.

Analytics on your clients and tutors are important, so we’ve shown you your new users broken down into the amount of client enquiries or tutor signups you’ve had against the amount created by admins.

Clients who are listed as ‘client enquiries’ are ones who have been created through TutorCruncher’s website integration, Socket. If you want to track these without Socket, get in touch and we’ll tell you how :)

Lesson hours and active jobs are fairly self explanatory; it’s always good to look at the big picture for those!

If you have any questions about the new Dashboard, or anything else (TC related, we don’t know what you should get your mum for her birthday), reply to this message or email us at Feedback is always welcome.

Other changes:

  • Better! We’ve improved the calendar to give you more information, click on a lesson to see some details rather than having to go any further.
  • Faster! We’ve rewritten the way all of our pages are rendered, so only part of the page is loaded when you’re navigating TutorCruncher.
  • Stronger! Bug fixes is various places — viewing all email definitions and some errors in rendering templates in previews are included.

Have a great rest of the week, The TutorCruncher team