Local SEO: Marketing Your Tuition Agency Online

One of the most important factors in online marketing for tutoring agencies is local search engine optimization. Most tutoring agencies operate from a fixed location and cover a specific local area. It therefore makes sense to try and rank well in Google for search terms relating to your area. When done well, local SEO will deliver targeted customers to your agency. So, we’ve put together a list of ways that you can improve your local online marketing efforts.

Research Your Keywords

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you were a student looking for a private tutor in your local area, what phrases would you search? Make a list of all the keywords that you think people would use to find you and try to include these in your website copy and blog posts. However, don’t be tempted to stuff your website with these words, use them sparingly as search engines penalise websites that over-use keywords. Try to focus on one or two keywords per page to allow search engines to index your content effectively.

Onsite Optimization

Once you have your keywords in place on your website, the next step is to focus on onsite optimization to ensure that you’re making the most of your content. Make sure that you adjust your website’s title tags, meta description, header tags and image text to include the keywords that you’ve chosen. Search engines place a lot of emphasis on these elements of a website so it’s important to pay attention to these details.

Place Pages

Creating a profile on business place pages can be a great way of marketing your tuition business. The two most popular business place pages are Google Plus’ Business Pages and Bing’s Places for Business. The reason you should create a profile on these pages is that they appear at the top of Google and Bing search results, alongside a map, detailing your agency’s location. The more time you dedicate to completing your business profile on these sites, the more likely potential students and tutors will contact you looking for your services. ** Collect Customer Reviews ** Encourage your tutoring community to leave reviews of your agency on the business pages mentioned above. Websites like FreeIndex are also great for showcasing your talents as a positive review will act as a testimonial to your agency. These reviews play an important role in local SEO and are a contributing factor to which position search engines will rank your business.

Directory Listings

Listing your tuition agency on popular directory sites like Local.com and Yell.com can be a great way to improve you search engine rankings. Try to choose quality directory sites to submit to and consider using specialist tutoring directories too. Avoid using directory sites that list your business on hundreds of other directories, as search engines see this type of marketing as ‘link farming’ and don’t reward websites who add advertise on them.

Despite Google now giving less weight to a website’s backlinks in terms of SEO, if you’re lucky enough to receive a high quality link from a website in the education niche, then this can still help your website climb the ranks. Nowadays, the most effective way of building backlinks to your website is through posting high quality content that adds value to your industry. Search engines recognize websites that are considered an authority in their industry and creating quality content is the way to go.

What other methods does your tuition agency use to rank in local

searches? Try the strategy above and let us know how it improves your website rankings. We’d love you to share your experiences with us.