Marketing via Print and Online

Media Selection – offline

  • Newspapers: Many ad sizes are available, quick placement and you can target locally.
  • Magazines: High-quality, graphic, prestige factor, credibility, color and target marketing. Look for education magazines.
  • TV: Very expensive and can demonstrate your message clearly and appeal to a full range of emotions.
  • Radio: Loyal following and ability to change message quickly. You need to create a great voice and message, when there is no picture, which can be difficult. Choose the right radio station to get to your target parents.
  • Direct Mail: Measurable and you are able to use graphics, colors and highly personal, which customers like. Direct Mail is very time consuming, but a great and cheap way to reach customers.
  • Outdoor: Local targeting, graphics, colors and simple message. It could be an ad at a bus stop in front of a school or a highly popular bus stop for students and parents on their way to school.

Online channels

  • Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Create a profile or group to promote your tutoring service. The social media will give you the opportunity to update and post about your business, and then to get share and liked by others.
  • Newsletters or press releases
  • Video e.g. Youtube. Upload videos from a day with your students. People will be able to share videos too.
  • Banner advertising

Top Tips:

  • Be aware of how to write on the internet
  • Use images and text consciously together
  • Communicate through your USP
  • Be aware of trust in connection to call-to-action
  • Prioritise channels from effect and price