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A tutor's view on working with agencies

 Donald Bennett
*We've asked a popular and experienced tutor, Donald Bennett, for his thoughts and experiences with tutoring agencies. Enjoy and comment below!* As a private…

Legal considerations when starting a tutoring business

 Elle Hosie
The core of a successful tutoring business is in the quality of your tutors and the success of your marketing efforts. However, in an industry where high…
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TutorCruncher Management Software Analytics

 Michaël Persyn
Learning Data Analytics is not tough, Starting is Tough! Business Analytics is a simple must have for any company that wishes to grow. You need to be able to…
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The cost of private tuition in the UK

Our friends at Tutora Private Tutors have created this great infographic with the average cost of tuition broken down by subject level, subject and even city.…

Marketing Email, How to do it right?

 Michaël Persyn
There are several marketing strategies for growing your business, ultimately more brand awareness = more sales. Marketing emails are a powerful tool, you can…
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Instructors for the Digital Age

 Mark Biggins
Although not the world’s oldest professions, tutoring has to be somewhere close. Since antiquity, young people have been taught and mentored by tutors, whether…
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How to create a business plan part 2

 Michaël Persyn
Continuing how to start a business plan. Read part 1 here. 5. How we keep strengthening our position in the future? 3 years is a short time in business terms.…
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How to create a business plan part 1

 Michaël Persyn
You want to start a business, so you need a business plan. Most people go online and begin thinking about the financial part without working out the business…
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The Price of Freedom

 Mark Biggins
In March 2016 the government pledged to make all secondary schools academies and free them from LEA control by 2022. After a backlash from the NUT and many…

5 Essential Business Marketing Ideas

 Michaël Persyn
Competition is growing every day and marketing is essential for every business. To establish a business that keeps innovating and growing, staying ahead of the…
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Administering Tuition Agencies and Centers

 Rob Willets
If you take the average salary of an admin to be £15,000 not including pension and national insurance contributions, a TutorCruncher Startup plan of £50 per…
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Marketing Relationships and Relationship Marketing

 Mark Biggins
Those of you running tuition agencies are probably painfully aware that you are not alone. Whether you are well established or just starting out, marketing is…
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April's Newsletter!

March has been a very busy month for TutorCruncher, and we've seen some big features released. TutorCruncher's making waves! Last month we were delighted to be…
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Mandrill Changes

 Mark, Tom and Samuel
All of those using TutorCruncher will also be using Mandrill. It's our transactional email client, and is used every time you send and email, such as sending…

Gaming Oxbridge Admissions

 Mark Biggins
So you are a parent looking to get your child into one of the UK’s best universities? You have done all the leg work - you have sent them to a great private…
Oxbridge Admissions

Tutoring costs across the world

 Mark Biggins
A conversation with an American client this week produced an interesting difference between the US and UK markets. In London “supertutors” working for the most…

TutorCruncher Making Waves

 Mark Biggins
We were delighted to be featured this week by our friends over at businessadvice.co.uk about how TutorCruncher, originally designed to solve a problem for a…
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Oxbridge Entry Questions - can you spot the fakes?

 Mark Biggins & Tom Hamilton Stubber
Five of these questions were posed to 17 and 18 year olds in their interviews at Oxford or Cambridge - the other five were invented in the Tutorcruncher…
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#--- author: Mark Biggins tags: [] title: Cambridge to reintroduce entrance exams --- The increase in both the quantity and importance of examinations has gone…

January Newsletter

 Tom Hamilton Stubber
January has seen changes to help you use the system more efficiently, most notably the changes to labels for marketing. This is paving the way for a fabulous…
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